The Program Review process, which occurs during Year Five of the accreditation cycle, provides the Commission and the Institutional Review Team with evidence that an institution is consistently meeting program standards. The program documents enumerated in the instructions below provide the required information for the initial review in Year Five. If the review team determines that additional narrative or documentation is needed, the institution will be able to provide it prior to the site visit.

If an institution is submitting a new program for approval, full narrative responses must be submitted through Initial Program Review (IPR).  The instructions below are for currently approved programs.


Program Review Submission Instructions

Required Course Matrices for Program Review

Preliminary General Education

Preliminary Education Specialist (2014 Standards)

Preliminary Education Specialist (2018) Standards) - for Indigo, Blue, and Green cohort institutions

Education Specialist Added Authorization Programs

Other Related Services Credentials

Clinical or Rehabilitative

Designated Subjects Teaching Credentials

Specialist Credentials and Certificates

Services Credentials

Pupil Personnel Services (2000)

Pupil Personnel Services (2019) – All programs must implement by fall 2022.

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Updated October 25, 2021