When an individual completes an approved program to earn a credential or permit through a California college, university, school district, or other approved entity, they must be formally recommended for the document. This recommendation is submitted by the program via the Commission's CTC Online system. It is the educator's job to complete the recommendation by logging into their profile, completing the Professional Fitness Questions (PFQ), and completing payment for the document.

Applicants will receive an email notification when a recommendation is submitted and will be able to complete and pay for the application immediately. The payment process must be completed within 90 days or the application will be purged and a new recommendation will need to be submitted by the program.


Complete Recommendation Diagram


How to Complete Your Online Recommendation

Written Instructions

Written instructions to complete your online recommendation.

Completing the Professional Fitness Questions (PFQs)

You must answer the Professional Fitness Questions in order to complete your recommendation. Information on completing the PFQs can be found in the links below.

Returning a Recommendation

If you see that the recommendation submitted by your program sponsor has an error then you have the option of returning the recommendation to the recommending agency with a description of the error in the "Return Reason" field. Be sure not to accidentally click the "Return Application to Authorized Agency" box unless there is a true error in the recommendation type. If this occurs, the recommending agency will need to re-submit the recommendation in order for you to complete the application. The Commission cannot retrieve recommendations that have been returned to the recommending agency.


Returning a Receommendation


Program Sponsor Information

Commission-Approved Professional Preparation Programs

Program Contact Information

Updated April 19, 2018