The Accreditation Site Visit is scheduled for approved educator preparation institutions in year six of a seven-year accreditation cycle. This page provides information to assist the institution in preparing for the site visit.

Resources for Institutions Preparing for a Site Visit

  • Accreditation Handbook The Accreditation Handbook provides guidance for all approved educator preparation institutions, programs and individuals participating in accreditation activities.  Chapter Four describes the seven-year Accreditation Cycle, and Chapter Seven discusses Preparation for an Accreditation Site Visit.  Accreditation Decision Options and Implications are discussed in Chapter Eight.
  • Common Standards The Common Standards address issues of institutional infrastructure, stability, and processes that are designed to ensure that the implementation of all approved programs is successful and meets all standards.
  • Preconditions A Precondition is a requirement for initial and continued program approval.  The basis for a precondition is either statute, regulations, or Commission Policy.
  • Program Review The Program Review process, which occurs during Year Five of the accreditation cycle, provides the Commission and the Institutional Review Team with evidence that an institution is consistently meeting program standards.
  • Travel Brochure The Travel Brochure provides the contract parameters for accommodating the visiting accreditation review team (state per diem restrictions for lodging by county, and reimbursement for meals) 

Contacting the CTC regarding accreditation activities

  • Email Accounts The email account should be used for all question related to accreditation processes and procedures.


Updated August 09, 2022