This Single Subject Content Area page outlines the process for a Commission-approved Single Subject educator preparation program seeking to add a new Single Subject content area to their program offerings. The program must submit their application request to Commission staff for review a minimum of 3 months prior to offering the new content area program.

For institutions that have already been approved to offer one or more Single Subject credential programs, gaining approval to offer a new Single Subject content area is accomplished by submitting a course matrix and short narrative (3 pages maximum) that describes how the institution will prepare their candidates to meet the Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs) and specific pedagogical competencies for the new content area.

While existing coursework for other single subject content areas may be used and incorporated into this new content area program, it is important to ensure that the candidates receive specific pedagogical instruction related to the proposed new content area.  A “generic” pedagogy course for candidates in all content areas is not acceptable.  In the proposal, please clarify which coursework is new and which coursework are already in place for other credential areas. More details on the approval process are described below.

Steps to follow when submitting a new Single Subject content area proposal:

  1. Send an email to indicating the following:

    1. Name of Institution
    2. Name/email/phone for primary contact.
    3. New Content Area(s)
    4. Proposed Date for New Content Area(s) offering.

  2. Submit a Narrative (3 pages maximum) covering the following topics:

    1. Course of Study and Course Sequence for the program
    2. Description of how the new content area will be covered in the program
    3. Key Assessments (if other than those indicated in the matrix)
    4. Faculty Vitae (for courses specific to this content area)

  3. Submit a completed Course Matrix for the new content area you are seeking:

    1. English Language Arts
    2. Mathematics
    3. History-Social Science
    4. Science
    5. Physical Education
    6. Art
    7. Music
    8. World Languages
    9. Agriculture
    10. Business
    11. Health Science
    12. Home Economics
    13. Industrial and Technology Education
    14. English Language Development

If you have any questions, please contact the Commission at


Updated October 18, 2018