If you are a first-time applicant and have never applied for a document you must first register to use the CTC Online system.  Please visit the Login Help page for additional information.

If you already have a registered User ID, you may submit an application using the appropriate method described below.

Submit a Paper Application

Paper applications should be submitted to apply for a:

  • Teaching credential based on alternate preparation (out-of-state, outside the United States, private school experience, etc.)
  • New teaching area or authorization to an existing credential
  • English learner authorization based on completion of examinations
  • Substitute Permit
  • Child Development Permit (including renewal of Assistant or Associate Permits)
  • Restricted teaching or services permits (submitted through an employer)

Visit the Credential Requirements page for specific document requirements.


Submit an Online Application


An Online Application should be submitted to apply for the following fingerprint clearance documents:

  • Certificate of Clearance (COC)
  • Activity Supervisor Clearance Certificate (ASCC)

Click the Submit an Online Application button above for specific COC and ASCC information.

The application fee is considered earned upon receipt and is not refundable. Individuals shall receive either a document or an evaluation listing the requirements which have not been met for the document requested. If after submitting your application, you receive a letter requesting additional documentation, your application and fee will remain valid for sixty (60) days pending receipt of new supporting materials. If it has been determined that you do not qualify for the type of document originally requested, the fee cannot be used again to apply for a different type. (Reference: Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Section 80487) 

Updated July 29, 2022