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Title II Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA)
Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended in 2008 by the HEOA

Section 205 of Title II of the Higher Education Opportunity Act mandates that Department of Education collect data on state assessments, other requirements, and standards for teacher certification and licensure, as well as data on the performance of teacher preparation programs. The law requires the Secretary to use these data in submitting an annual report on the quality of teacher preparation to the Congress. The first Secretarial report is due in April 2011. Annual state reports to the Secretary are first due on October 30, 2010. Data from institutions with teacher preparation programs are due to states annually, beginning April 30, 2010, for use by states in preparing annual report cards to the Secretary.

The 2008-09 reporting year was the pilot year in which states were asked to implement the changes and the 2009-2010 reporting year will begin full implementation of the new requirements.


Pearson is Title II State Contractor and it manages the Title II Phase I: Pass Rate Data Collection website

Westat is Title II Federal Contractor and it manages the Title II Phase II: Institutional and Program Report Card (IPRC). The IPRC website will open in February 2015.


Updated March 20, 2017