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  • Questions Regarding Applications

  • Certification Requirements and Assignments

  • Renew, Clear, or Extend a Credential
  • Reporting Educator Misconduct

  • Professional Fitness Questions and Self-Reported Misconduct

  • Fingerprint Information
  • Preparation Program Standards

  • Accreditation Information

  • Performance Assessment
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Mailing Address


May Lee State Office Complex
Commission on Teacher Credentialing
651 Bannon Street, Suite 600
Sacramento, CA 95811


Walk-in and Appointment services for eligibility evaluations and information are not available.


Arriving and Parking at MLSOC

  • Approach MLSOC using Richards Boulevard or North 7th Street.
  • When approaching MLSOC using Richards Boulevard, turn south onto North 6th Street and enter the parking garage or the North or South parking lot.
  • When approaching MLSOC using North 7th Street, turn west onto North C Street or Bannon Street and enter the parking garage or the North or South parking lot.
  • Park in any open parking spot. Parking can be reserved ahead time or a ticket can be pulled from the ticket machine upon entering.

Entering Southeast Tower and Checking in

  • Cross Bannon Street and enter the Southeast Tower from any of the entrances.
  • Make your way to the Commission Public Counter located in the Southeast Tower lobby.
  • The Commission staff at the Commission Public Counter will provide further information about the meeting room and location.

Updated May 20, 2024