The Commission has the authority to grant the extension of a credential or permit on an appeal basis when the educator has not met the specific renewal requirements for the requested document. All applications requesting an extension by appeal are reviewed on an individual basis, applying the specific procedures and criteria detailed in Title 5, California Code of Regulations and sections 80523 through 80523.4.

Commission staff may issue an extension when an educator verifies good cause for not completing renewal requirements. Such an extension may be issued only once, except in cases where 1) the extenuating circumstances continue to exist, and 2) the educator has made sufficient progress towards completion of the requirements.

Note: Applications requesting an extension by appeal may only be submitted as paper applications and cannot be requested online. Appeals for employer restricted Intern Credentials or Emergency Permits must be submitted through the employing agency.  

How to Qualify for an Extension

An extension can be granted when there are valid reasons why an educator could not complete renewal requirements for a credential or permit. Valid reasons may include but are not limited to:

  • Medical reasons (self or family member)
  • Unemployment in the field of teaching
  • Leaving the state
  • Extenuating demand of job or family

An extension is not granted if an educator cannot show good cause or substantial reason for the request. Financial hardship is not addressed in the regulations; therefore, it cannot be considered a valid reason for appeal. In addition, there are no provisions in Title 5 Regulations that allow Commission staff to grant credential extensions when an examination has been failed. 

Extension Types

The Commission is authorized to grant the following extensions:

  • Ryan Grant Appeals (RGAs)
    Available for all credential or permit types 
  • Two Year Extensions
     Available for Preliminary Multiple or Single Subject Teaching Credential holders who meet the following requirements: 
    • Completed an SB 2042 Credential Program on or after August 30, 2004,
    • Show renewal code R14I on their credential,
    • Are employed by a California school; and
    • Are enrolled in an approved Clear Credential Program.
  • Three Year Extensions
    Available for Preliminary Multiple or Single Subject Teaching Credential holders who meet the following requirement:
    • Completed an SB 2042 Program on or after August 30, 2004,
    • Show renewal code R14I on their credential; and
    • Have never been employed, or were employed for one year or less, as a teacher in California.

How to Apply for the Extension

Supporting documentation as to the cause of not completing the requirements must be submitted with an application, processing fee, and letter of appeal via mail. Appeal applications may not be submitted online. To apply for an extension by appeal, you will need to submit the following: 

  1. Completed application (form 41-4). Clearly mark the application as an "Appeal" at the top right hand corner of the form
  2. Application processing fee
  3. A letter from the applicant stating the circumstances or reasons which necessitate the appeal 
  4. Additional forms, if required (see Leaflet AL-3):
    1. Two Year Extension: Completed Form CL-885
    2. Three Year Extension: Completed Form CL-884
    3. Extensions of employer restricted Emergency Permits (must be submitted through employer; see employer for required form(s)).
  5. Original transcripts and/or photocopies of exam scores verifying any requirements that were completed
  6. Documentation verifying the circumstances creating the need to request an appeal

Note: For the purpose of justifying the appeal, Commission staff may request additional supporting documentation from the applicant, approved program sponsor, or employer 

Additional Extension Information

Please see Extension by Appeal for Credentials and Permits (AL-3) for additional information. 
Updated May 10, 2017