Career Technical Education

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Career and technical education is a term applied to educational programs that specialize in skilled trades, applied sciences, modern technologies and career preparation. Changes in California law have opened up alternative routes to teacher credentialing by establishing the Career Technical Education (CTE) Educator Credentialing Program. The goal is to produce more teachers who are able to prepare students for careers or advanced study in these fields.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics  &  Career Technical Education

Program Sponsors
Recent legislation expanded options for programs offering credential preparation for staffing science, technology, engineering, mathematics,  and career technical education classrooms.  STEM/CTE: A Guide for Program Sponsors [PDF] provides a brief guide to introduce prospective program sponsors to the program accreditation process as it describes program standards, delivery model options and the steps to achieving and maintaining accreditation status.

As a result of recent legislation, individuals interested in earning  math, science or career technical education credentials have new options available to them.  Do You Want to Teach in California? STEM/CTE [PDF] provides guidance for individuals interested in teaching science, technology, engineering, mathematics and career technical education classes.

Are you currently certified in your industry and want to teach your craft in the classroom?  Then the Business and Industry Partnership teaching authorization [PDF] may be for you.

Updated February 26, 2020