Administrator Preparation in California

California has a two-tiered credentialing system for administrators. Preliminary programs prepare candidates to obtain a future administrative position with a focus on the skills needed for a site administrator position. Preliminary preparation includes successful completion of required coursework, fieldwork, and a performance demonstration of their knowledge, skills, and abilities. The second tier of preparation is a two-year job-embedded individualized induction program focused on the candidate’s employment position. This preparation involves extensive support for, and mentoring of new administrators in their first and second year of service.

Commission Resources for Administrative Services Credential Programs

  • Administrative Services Credential Program Standards Handbook   Guidance for program sponsors in both designing and implementing an Administrative Services Credential program are captured in one location in this booklet.  Containing the programs’ preconditions, content expectations, performance expectations, the 2013 preliminary program standards, the 2014 clear induction standards and glossaries for both programs, the booklet also offers contextual information and graphic aids to help understand program requirements.
  • 2017 Content and Performance Expectations, targeting future education administrators and beginning practitioners, define the content of courses and performance levels expected of a beginning administrator. Beginning in the 2018-19 school year, these expectations will be assessed in a combination of the California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA) and coursework assignments.  
  • CPSEL Companion Booklet: California Professional Standards for Education Leaders 2014 The CPSEL are the standards against which clear credential candidates are measured to indicate sufficient mastery of the clear induction program content. 
  • Moving Standards into Everyday Work: Descriptions of Practice, Second Edition.Enhancing the usefulness of the California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (CPSEL) this booklet illustrates what individual elements within each of the six CPSEL look like across a continuum of practice, including developing credentialing criteria and assessments, planning leadership preparation, induction, professional learning or coaching, and clarifying performance expectations.

Foundational Commission Resources for Teacher Induction Programs        

Additional Resources for ASC Programs

  • Beginning June 1, 2018, all preliminary administrative credential programs must participate in the California Administrators Performance Assessment (CalAPA). Through the CalAPA, candidates demonstrate the knowledge and skills tied to the California Administrators Performance Expectations (CAPE) in order to receive the Preliminary Administrative Credential and serve as a school leader. Focusing on school site leadership, the CalAPA is designed to assess a candidate’s preparedness prior to serving as a school administrator. Information regarding the California Administrator Performance Assessment (CalAPA) can be found on Evaluation System’s website.
  • Partnership Letter to District and County Offices Candidate fieldwork locations are important factors in preparing candidates for mastery of program the CalAPA. CTC’s Executive Director Mary Sandy has authored a letter to aid schools, district, and county office personnel understand their role in preliminary preparation, through initial partnerships and ongoing relationships with initial preparation programs.  This letter is being provided here for programs to download and distribute to all district and county offices with whom their candidates work during their preliminary program enrollment as they continue to partner together for candidate success.
  • Support and Guidance for the Development and Submission of Clear Induction Programs proposals The CTC, in collaboration with the California Comprehensive Center @ WestEd and the California Department of Education, has created a website offering programs resources to help institutions develop clear induction programs. Organized by the six CPSEL categories, this website offers resources, implementation tips, training ideas, and development guidance.

Collaboration Opportunities for Fall 2018

  • Virtual Think Tanks 1:00 – 2:00 pm (webinar discussion co-facilitated by CTC, Evaluation Systems, and Design Team members)
    • August 31st
    • September 21st
    • October 26th
    • December 7th
  • Fall Implementation Think Tanks
    • PASC Programs: 9:30-4:30 
      • Sept.18th at Riverside County Office of Education
      • Sept. 26th at Sacramento County Office of Education
      • Oct. 18th at National University, Torrey Pines campus
    • CASC  Programs: 10:00-2:00
      • Oct. 4th at Santa Clara County Office of Education
      • Oct. 9th at CSU Northridge
      • Oct. 28th at Orange County Dept. of Education
  • CAPEA Conference October 19th-20th in San Diego
  • Induction Conference December 4th-5th in Fresno


Updated December 11, 2018