Applicant Disclosure - Paper Application

Applicants must fully and accurately answer all six of the professional fitness questions and complete the appropriate explanation form(s). If you have not already completed the Personal and Professional Fitness Explanation Form, please complete and submit the form, along with any required police reports, certified court records and miscellaneous documents, to the Division of Professional Practices for review.

Applicant Disclosure - Online Application

When completing your on-line application you will be asked six professional fitness or background questions regarding arrests, convictions, changes in education employment status as a result of misconduct, and disciplinary actions taken against a teaching or other license. You will also be asked to submit law enforcement reports, court records, and all documentation regarding any disciplinary actions. Please gather these documents prior to submitting your application. Additional information is provided on the link below.

Incomplete Applications

If you did not complete the Professional Fitness Explanation Forms or failed to submit the required documents, you may receive a letter from the Division of Professional Practices requesting that you submit an explanation regarding each incident and any police reports, certified court records, and/or miscellaneous documents regarding your misconduct. Failure to provide the requested documents by the required deadline will result in the rejection of your application.

If you would like to check the status of your application you may e-mail division staff at PLEASE NOTE: the same staff that responds to emails also processes applications. Repeated emails to staff will only cause further delays to your application.

Failure To Disclose

Failure to disclose or provide required information is considered falsification of your application and could lead to criminal prosecution, denial of your application, and/or adverse action on other credentials you currently hold.

Educators Under Review - Processing Time

Your application will be delayed if your application is being reviewed by the Division of Professional Practices because of allegations of misconduct or if you answered yes to a Professional Fitness Question on your application. PLEASE NOTE: The processing time of 10 days for on-line applications and 50 days for paper applications are not applicable when an application must be reviewed by the Division of Professional Practices to determine professional fitness.

Updated June 27, 2024