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The 2022-23 California State Budget lifted the suspension of accreditation fees that was in place for fiscal years 2019-20 through 2021-22. The Commission once again began assessing accreditation fees in the 2022-23 fiscal year. The fees include annual accreditation fees and fees for initial institutional approvals, initial program approvals, and extraordinary accreditation activities including accreditation revisits.

Annual Accreditation Fees will continue for the 2024-25 fiscal year. 

Annual Accreditation Fees

Annual accreditation fees apply to all institutions approved to offer educator preparation programs. They are assessed each year on July 1 and are based on two components:

  1. Institution Fee: Based on the three-year average of credential recommendations and adjusted annually by the Implicit Price Deflator for State and Local Government, rounded to the nearest ten dollars.
  2. Program Fee: Based on the number of approved programs, intern programs, and inactive programs at an institution.

Pursuant to Title 5 CCR §80694, annual accreditation fees are due to the Commission by September 1 and will be considered late by November 1. Fees not received by November 1 will be assessed an additional $500 extraordinary activity fee, and, upon written notice to the institution, suspension of the institution’s ability to make recommendations for credentials until all fees are paid.

Description and Fee Structure

Annual Accreditation Fee Calculations 

The 2024-25 Annual Accreditation Fees were calculated as of July 1, 2024 and are available at the link below for information purposes. Institutions will be notified to verify the fee calculations and contact the Commission with any questions or concerns. Invoices will be emailed to all institutions on August 1. See the Frequently Asked Questions section below for payment options. 


2024-25 Annual Accreditation Fees

Cost Recovery Fees

Cost recovery fees are individual fees that apply to activities and occurrences outside of regularly scheduled accreditation activities. These include but are not limited to Initial Institutional Approval (IIA), Initial Program Review (IPR), seventh year reports and other reports addressing stipulations from a site visit, accreditation revisits, focused site visits when determined necessary by the Committee on Accreditation, late submissions of Program Review, and occasions when full program review is necessary at the time of a site visit.  In-kind contributions may be applied toward submissions for Initial Program Review, as specified. Further information is available below. 


In-Kind Contributions and Certificates


Annual Accreditation Fees

April 2014 Commission Meeting - Options for Program Review Revenue: Item 5A

June 2014 Commission Meeting - Proposed Emergency Regulations: Item 3A

October 2014 Commission Meeting - Public Hearing: Item 2I and Insert

 Cost Recovery Fees

August 2013 Commission Meeting - Proposed Cost Recovery Plan for Accreditation Activities: Item 3D

September 2013 Commission Meeting - Draft Regulatory Language: Item 4A

December 2013 Commission Meeting - Public Hearing: Item 1I


Updated June 27, 2024