Information about Upcoming BIR Training

BIR training occurs in two parts.  Part 1 of BIR training is completed through participation in Program Review.  To be considered for Part 1 of BIR training, please complete the Reviewer Expertise and Availability Survey in the Spring when it is available.  Once you have participated in Program Review, you will be eligible for BIR Site Visit training scheduled in the spring/summer following Program Review.

Board of Institutional Review

California's accreditation system for educator preparation programs depends on a large cadre of dedicated education professionals who are committed to ensuring that preparation programs in the state are of high quality. The Board of Institutional Review (BIR) is comprised of individuals with expertise across all credential areas who confirm that institutions are implementing programs aligned with Commission adopted standards.

Members of the Board of Institutional Review (BIR) participate in the accreditation system in the following ways:

  1. Initial Program Review- Review of proposals for new educator preparation programs.
  2. Program Review- Review documentation and evidence for currently operating programs to ensure they are in alignment with the Commission adopted Program Standards.
  3. Common Standards Review- Review documentation and evidence for currently operating program sponsors to ensure alignment with the Commission's adopted Common Standards. 
  4. Site Visit Team Member- Team members are typically comprised of a subset of individuals who have participated in either the program Standards process or Common Standards review for a given institution.

Training for BIR members currently takes place in several parts.  Those who participate in Program Review and Common Standards review will be trained during those activities.  These activities comprise the first part of BIR training.  Site visit training will occur separately several times per year.  Currently, site visit training is being reorganized and the new training will take place beginning in late summer 2018.  Prioritization for the first training sessions is being given to those assigned to site visits in 2018-19.  Other training opportunities will follow.  More information of BIR training will be available in the coming months.  

Qualifications of a prospective BIR member include:

  • At least three years of professional experience in education;
  • Experience with qualitative evaluations;
  • Experience with multiple levels and different sets of education related standards;
  • Personal characteristics including integrity, objectivity, empathy, ability to work under pressure, organizational ability, time management, and being a team player;
  • Experience with collaboration in writing and problem solving;
  • Good communication skills (both oral and written);
  • Experience with data collection and analysis;
  • Familiarity with technology, including the use of both MAC and PC platforms; and
  • Ability to access electronic information, search for pertinent information, and appropriately cite the source for inclusion in the team report.

Please note that applications are not being accepted at this time. Further information will be provided in the coming months.  

For more information about the Board of Institutional Review, see the Accreditation Handbook, Chapter 11.

Questions? Send an email to Thank you for your interest in the BIR.

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