The BIR Site Visit training is on hiatus and will resume Summer 2018.
Due to changes being made in the Accreditation process, most notably in the site visit component. To be considered for Part 1 of BIR training (Program Review) please complete the Yellow Program Review: Reviewer Availability 2017-2018 survey. Specific questions should be submitted to

Applicants to the Board of Institutional Review

California's accreditation system for educator preparation programs depends on a large cadre of dedicated education professionals who are committed to ensuring that preparation programs in the state are of high quality. The Board of Institutional Review (BIR) is comprised of individuals with expertise across all credential areas who confirm that institutions are implementing programs aligned with Commission adopted standards. BIR members are involved in initial institutional approval, initial program approval, program assessment, and accreditation site visits.

To be a member of the BIR, individuals must complete an application, be accepted, and complete BIR training. Members of the BIR are asked to serve annually if possible. Service in the BIR includes document reading and serving on accreditation site visit teams.

BIR training provides a comprehensive overview of the accreditation system and prepares individuals to assist in all components of the system. The training consists of five modules that are conducted online and a two-day face-to-face training. The online modules vary in length. The online modules must be completed before an applicant attends the onsite training. The Commission seeks to hold the onsite modules in various locations in the state in order to make BIR training available to as many qualified individuals as possible.  

Applying to the BIR

Qualifications of a prospective BIR member include:

  • At least three years of professional experience in education;
  • Experience with qualitative evaluations;
  • Experience with multiple levels and different sets of education related standards;
  • Personal characteristics including integrity, objectivity, empathy, ability to work under pressure, organizational ability, time management, and being a team player;
  • Experience with collaboration in writing and problem solving;
  • Good communication skills (both oral and written);
  • Experience with data collection and analysis;
  • Familiarity with technology, including the use of both MAC and PC platforms; and
  • Ability to access electronic information, search for pertinent information, and appropriately cite the source for inclusion in the team report.

Please notethat applications are not being accepted at this time. The following is for information purposes only. All links have been temporarily disabled.

Applications must include:

  1. Completion of the Board of Institutional Reviewer Information Survey
  2. Letter of Intent by Applicant that covers the required topics
  3. At least one letter of recommendation from individuals who can attest that the applicant has the qualifications to be a member of the BIR. Letters from Deans, Program Directors, Superintendents, district or school personnel, and faculty and instructional personnel who are members of the BIR are encouraged.

Applications are accepted year round, but due to resource constraints at the CTC, BIR training is offered only periodically.

To apply for BIR, please submit letters in #2 and #3 above to:

Applicants will receive notice that their application has been accepted and notified when the next scheduled BIR training will be held. Priority will be given to those qualified applicants with expertise in credential areas needed with low representation in the BIR pool. Membership into BIR will be awarded upon successful completion of the on-line training modules and in-person training. An accepted applicant can then access the online modules.

For more information about the Board of Institutional Review, see the Accreditation Handbook, Chapter 11.

Questions? Send an email to Thank you for your interest in the BIR.

Current BIR Members ONLY 

Options for Participation in Accreditation Activities

Once initial training has been completed, BIR members are then asked to provide service to the CTC on an annual basis. This service may be through participation as a reader of documents through the Initial Program Review or the Program Assessment processes or as a member of a site review team. Opportunities to participate in Initial Program Review (IPR) and Program Assessment (PA) are available at: 

A survey will be sent out annually asking about availability to serve as a team member for accreditation site visits. It is vital to Accreditation that the database reflects current contact information for BIR members. Please provide any changes in your contact information by submitting edits to

Additionally, beginning in October 2013, in lieu of cost recovery fees associated with initial program review (the review of new preparation program proposals), institutions may identify and financially support current BIR Members to participate in accreditation activities to earn in-kind credit to defray the cost of new program proposal review. More information will be available soon on this option. 

BIR Updates

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