Choose the type of out-of-state teaching certification you hold for details on California's requirements. Note that you must hold a professional-level credential* from another state or U.S. territory to qualify for California teaching or services certification based on out-of-state preparation.

General Education Teaching Special Education Teaching

Administrative Services Other Services Substitute Teaching


Career Technical Education: While there is no direct reciprocity process to transfer an out-of-state vocational education credential to California, educators who hold such a document may contact a Designated Subjects credential program to determine their eligibility for a California Designated Subjects credential based on their out-of-state credential and experience. A list of approved Designated Subjects programs may be found on the Approved Institutions and Programs dashboard by filtering on the left under Select Type of Preparation for Designated Subjects Teaching. More information regarding the types of Designated Subjects credentials and requirements for each may be found on CL-888 (Career Technical Education), CL-699 (Special Subjects), CL-697B (Adult Education), and CL-700 (Supervision and Coordination).


For information on additional types of California certification please visit the Commission's Credential Requirements page.  

*Generally, documents with the following terminology do not meet the definition of a professional-level credential:

  • Intern/Internship documents
  • Apprentice documents
  • Temporary/Non-renewable documents
  • Documents with requirements to complete subject matter examinations
Updated December 11, 2023