The competence and performance of teachers and administrators are among the most important factors in influencing the quality and effectiveness of education in elementary and secondary schools.

Multiple Subject, Education Specialist (MMSN, ESN, DHH, VI and ECSE) and the new PK-3 Education Specialist credential programs are required to include a teaching performance assessment that is aligned with the California Standards for the Teaching Profession and is congruent with state content and performance standards for pupils adopted by the state board. 
Administrative Services credential programs are required to include a performance assessment that is aligned with the California Administrative Performance Expectations (CAPE).

Performance assessments are ongoing and blended into the preparation program. These assessments provide formative assessment information during the preparation program for use by the candidate, instructors, and supervisors for the purpose of improving the teaching or administrative services knowledge, skill, and ability of the candidate. The score results serve as one basis for a recommendation by the program sponsor that the Commission award a teaching or administrative services credential to a candidate who has successfully met the performance assessment standards. Performance assessment results are reported and serve as one basis for the individual induction plan for candidates as they enter an induction program to clear their credential.

Three teaching performance assessments (TPAs) have been approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing for program use in California. The CalTPA, the edTPA, and FAST (approved only for Fresno State University). The CalAPA is the one approved assessment for administrative services credential candidates. An additional formative performance assessment, the CalFTPA, has been developed for Early Childhood program.

Additional information about the CTC's approved performance assessments will be available summer of 2024.

Updated April 15, 2024