Contact Information for Topics/Areas of Work
Please use the dedicated email addresses below to contact the PSD by email regarding the topics/areas of work listed below. All of the dedicated email addresses below are accessed by multiple staff members. It is no longer necessary to send an email and cc multiple staff consultants or administrators. Using the dedicated email address ensures that your message will reach all of the appropriate personnel in PSD. Please refrain from cc-ing individual PSD staff when sending an email to one of the email addresses below. See PSA 10-22 for more information.

Contact Information for Program Specific Questions
For program area specific questions please refer to the second table on this page with program area PSD consultant email addresses.

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Topic/Area of WorkTypes of QuestionsEmail Address
Initial Institutional ApprovalFor questions about the Initial Institutional Approval process and
Initial Program Review For questions about submission of Initial Program Review
Accreditation QuestionsFor questions about site visits and submission of Precondition Reports and Site Visit Documentation. Other general accreditation questions that do not apply to one of the dedicated areas below are also
Program AssessmentFor questions about site visits and submission of Precondition Reports and Site Visit Documentation. Other general accreditation questions that do not apply to one of the dedicated areas below are also
Biennial ReportsFor questions about and submission of Biennial Report
Intern ProgramsFor questions from programs that operate or would like to operate an intern program. (For questions on how to get into an intern program, individuals need to contact an approved intern program directly.)
Data RequestsFor data
ExamsFor questions related to Commission licensure examinations other than TPA, CBEST, CSET, RICA, CTEL, CPACE,
Exams RegistrationFor exams registration information (portal site to all exams)
Title IIFor questions regarding Teacher Preparation Programs reporting required by Title II of the Higher Education
Teaching Performance Assessment Implementation and TrainingFor general questions related to TPA implementation and for CalTPA related questions, including assessor training.Wayne Bacer
TPA Data CollectionQuestions related to TPA data collection.Mike Taylor
Updating Your Contact InformationFor assistance on how to update your institutional contact information using your three digit code and password.Lawrence Robinson
General QuestionsFor questions that do not fall under any of the above categories or program areas listed 

Contact Information for Program Areas

ProgramConsultant Contact
Administrative Services PreparationGay Roby
Adult EducationErin Sullivan
Agricultural SpecialistKatie Croy
Bilingual AuthorizationPaula Jacobs
Clear Credential Programs (aka Fifth Year of Study Preparation)Katie Croy
CTEL ProgramsPaula Jacobs
Career Technical Education (CTE) PreparationBob Loux
Education Specialist PreparationWilliam Hatrick
Experimental ProgramsCheryl Hickey
InternshipBob Loux
Mathematics Instruction Added Authorization and Mathematics Instructional Leadership Specialist ProgramKatie Croy
Preliminary Multiple or Single Subject Teacher PreparationKatie Croy
Professional Teacher Induction PreparationKaren Sacramento
Pupil Personnel Services PreparationLynette Roby
Single Subject Matter ProgramsErin Sullivan
Reading Certificate and SpecialistKatie Croy
School NurseMike Taylor
Teacher LibrarianLynette Roby

Contact Information For Individual Cohorts

Updated May 10, 2017