Records of Educator Discipline

The Commission has provided immediate access to credential and discipline information, which can be found on the link listed below.  To determine whether disciplinary action has been taken against an individual's credentials, click the "Public Search" button.  You will be required to enter the credential holder's first and last name. Click the "Search" button to reveal the individual's name.  Due to privacy policies, the search is limited to first and last name only and may cause more than one individual to appear for the name entered.  Once you locate the credential holder's name, click on the credential holder's last name to view specific information regarding his/her credential history.

If the individual's credential has been disciplined the "Adverse and Commission Actions Indicator" (Red flag) will be displayed at the center of the screen next to the credential holder's name.  Click the tab labeled, "Adverse and Commission Actions." This will allow you to view any disciplinary actions taken against the individual's credentials and the effective dates of the disciplinary actions. 

The "Current Document" and "All Document" tabs include a "Status" field of each credential held by the individual.  This field will also indicate whether the individual's credentials are currently revoked or suspended. 

Please note: Some credential records issued prior to 1989 may not appear. In addition, the website currently does not contain complete information regarding credentials that have been suspended and/or revoked. 

Updated June 12, 2023