FAQ - Program Sponsor Fees

Why is the Commission charging fees for accreditation?

This is mandated by Ed Code. The 2014-15 State Budget included the implementation of a Cost Recovery and Annual Accreditation fee schedules. Title 5 regulations have been set in place. 

What are the fees used for?

The annual accreditation fee is used to cover the cost of ongoing reviews of existing educator preparation programs (primarily site visits).

The cost recovery fees cover the costs of extraordinary activities that are in addition to or outside of the "normally scheduled" ongoing accreditation activities (initial program approval, excessive document review, late submissions, etc.) 

What happens if payment is not made by November 1 for the Annual Accreditation Fees?

Institutions that have not paid by November 1 will be unable to recommend candidates for credentials and will be responsible for paying a $500 extraordinary activity charge in addition to the yearly fees to have their ability to recommend restored. Extensions cannot be granted.

How can I check to see if an invoice has been paid?

Inquiries may be directed to AccreditationFees@ctc.ca.gov.

What are the options for payment?

Payment must be received by check or money order. We cannot accept cash or credit card payments. 

When can in-kind certificates be used?

In-kind certificates can be used to offset the cost of initial program review only. It cannot be used for annual accreditation fees, late documents, initial institutional approval, or any site visit related charge. 
Updated February 23, 2017