The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing awards credentials and certificates on the basis of completion of programs that meet Standards for Educator Preparation and Standards for Educator Competence.


For each type of professional credential in education, the Commission has developed and adopted standards which are based upon recent research and the expert advice of many professional educators. Each standard specifies a level of quality and effectiveness that the Commission requires from programs offering academic and professional preparation in education. The Commission enforces its standards by evaluating approved programs across California through an objective process conducted by carefully selected and trained professional educators to ensure that the standards are applied consistently and rigorously.

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Teaching Credentials

Preliminary General Education - Multiple and Single Subject Teaching Credential

Preliminary Teacher Preparation [2015]

Programs must transition to these standards by 2017. See
PSA 15-07 for transition information.


TPE Placemat

  • This document has the Teaching Performance Expectations in a placemat layout (11 x 17 paper)

Authorizations to Teach English Learners

Bilingual Authorization [ 2008 ]

Narrative Template [MS Word]


California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL) for EL/ CLAD Certification [ 2013 CTEL KSAs ]

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Preliminary Special Education Teaching Credential

Education Specialist and Other Related Services Credentials [2014]

2014 Standards document includes the revised Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs)


Education Specialist [2018]

All programs are required to meet these standards by the Summer and Fall of 2021.


Teacher Induction

Teacher Induction Standards [2016]


Programs must transition to these standards. See PSA 17-01 for transition information.


 Specialist and Added Authorizations Credentials

Adapted Physical Education [2013]PDFMS-Word
Agricultural Specialist [2006]PDFMS-Word
Early Childhood Education [1985]PDFN/A
Mathematics Instructional Added Authorization and Mathematics Instructional Leadership Specialist [2010]PDFMS-Word

Reading and Literacy Added Authorization and Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential [2010]

Narrative Template [MS Word] -- Yellow highlights indicate new parts of the standards.

Special Education Added Authorizations [2018]PDFMS-Word

Services Credentials

Pupil Personnel Services Programs -- School Counseling, School Psychology, School Social Work, and Child Welfare and Attendance Services [2001]

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Administrative Services Credential - Preliminary Program Standards and Clear Induction Program Standards [2018]


ASC Preliminary Narrative Template [MS Word]

ASC Clear Induction Narrative Template [MS Word]


Other Related Services Credentials


• Speech-Language Pathology

• Orientation and Mobility

• Audiology

Professional School Nurse and Special Teaching Authorization in Health [2007]

Teacher Librarian Services Credential Program Standards [ 2011 ]

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Designated Subjects Teaching Credentials

Adult Education Credential Standards [2010]

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Career/Technical Education Credential Standards [2009]

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Driver Education and Training Subject Matter Preparation Standards [1997]PDFN/A
Supervision and Coordination Credential StandardsPDFMS-Word
English Learner Authorization Programs (SB 1292) [2008]

Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education Program Guidelines [2019]PDFMS-Word
Performance Expectations [2019]PDFMS-Word

Experimental Program Standards

The Experimental Program option is designed to encourage innovations in educator preparation and investigation of those innovations, with the aim of increasing the profession's understanding of professional learning and improving professional practice for the benefit of all students in California. [2008]

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Prior Standards

When new standards are developed, prior standards continue through a transitional "sunset" period. During the sunset period candidates can be accepted to a program which meets the new standards or the prior standards. However, once a new program has been approved, an institution may not admit new candidates to the old program. At the end of the sunset period, no new candidates can be admitted to programs approved under a prior set of standards. Those programs must reapply to meet the newly adopted standards. The standards under which the Commission has approved any program govern the candidates' requirements for obtaining a credential.

Preliminary Teacher Preparation [2014]


Updated May 07, 2019