Once an institution has satisfied Stages I, II, and III of the Initial Institutional Approval process, the institution's application will again be brought before the Commission for its consideration and a determination regarding Provisional Approval. If the Commission determines that the institution is provisionally approved, the program(s) the institution wishes to offer during Provisional Approval must then be approved by the Committee on Accreditation. 

Determination of Provisional Approval

Commission DeterminationIf the Commission approves the new institution, it would be allowed to operate under Provisional Approval. The provisional timeframe will be determined by the Commission and will span 2 to 3 years, in accordance with the program's design. At a minimum of 2 years, this timeframe will be adequate for an initial group of candidates to complete the program thereby allowing for data to be collected to determine the institution's effectiveness in educator preparation.

Determination of Program(s) Approval - Approval of an institution's program(s) can only occur after the Commission determines an institution to be provisionally approved.

BIR ReviewProgram(s) standards submitted will be reviewed by BIR to determine if they are in preliminary alignment with state standards. All program standards must to be preliminarily aligned before being presented to the Committee on Accreditation for consideration.
COA Approves ProgramsIf granted Provisional Approval, and if all program(s) standards are deemed to be preliminarily aligned by BIR, the institution's program(s) will be submitted to the Committee on Accreditation (COA) for approval at a regularly scheduled meeting. Institutions should not plan to begin offering preparation programs until the program has been approved by the COA. Annual Accreditation Fees will be applicable following provisional approval. 
Important! Program sponsors with provisional approval may not submit additional program proposals until being granted Full Initial Institutional Approval (Stage V).
Updated March 24, 2017