Important! Before responding to any of the preconditions on this webpage, institutions should thoroughly review the Introduction to Preconditions.

Note: Preconditions for both active and inactive programs must be submitted via the institution’s accreditation website with active and accessible evidence hyperlinks. 

PreconditionsEvidence Guidance Document
General and Initial Program Submission
General Institutional Preconditions for All Professional Preparation Program [2018]Evidence Guidance Document for General Preconditions
Initial Program Preconditions [2020]Evidence Guidance Document for Initial Program Preconditions
Educator Preparation Program Specific Preconditions
Preliminary ProgramsPreliminary Multiple and Single Subject [2018]Evidence Guidance Document for Multiple and Single Subject Preconditions
Preliminary Education Specialist [2016]Evidence Guidance Document for Preliminary Education Specialist
Intern ProgramsPreliminary Multiple and Single Subject Intern
Preliminary Education Specialist Intern
Teacher Induction ProgramsTeacher Induction (General Education and Education Specialist) [2016]Evidence Guidance for Teacher Induction Preconditions
Education Specialist Added Authorization ProgramsEducation Specialist: All Added Authorization Programs  [1]
Early Childhood Special Education Added Authorization  [2]
Adapted Physical Education Added Authorization  [3]
Designated Subjects Teaching CredentialsDesignated Subjects Adult EducationEvidence Guidance for Designated Subjects: Adult Education Preconditions
Designated Subjects Career Technical Education
Designated Subjects: Special Subjects Supervision and Coordination
Designated Subjects: Drivers Training
Specialist Credentials and CertificatesAgriculture Specialist
Mathematics Instructional Leadership Specialist
Mathematics Instructional Added Authorization
Reading and Literacy Added Authorization and Reading and Literacy Leadership Specialist Credential [2016]
Bilingual AuthorizationEvidence Guidance Document for Bilingual Authorization
California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL)
Services CredentialsPreliminary Administrative ServicesEvidence Guidance for Preliminary Administrative Services Preconditions
Clear Induction Administrative ServicesEvidence Guidance for Clear Induction Administrative Services Preconditions

Pupil Personnel Services

PPS: School Counseling [2019]

PPS: School Psychology [2019]

PPS: School Social Work [2019]

Other Related Services Credentials

Preliminary Speech-Language Pathology

Clear Speech-Language Pathology

Clinical Rehabilitative Services ProgramsAudiology
Orientation and Mobility - There are no program preconditions specifically for Orientation and Mobility.
Special Class Authorization
Other Services CredentialsTeacher Librarian
School Nurse Services - There are no program preconditions specifically for School Nurse Services.

1. Education Specialist: All Added Authorization Programs Every added authorization program with the exception of Adapted Physical Education must submit the "All Added Authorization Program" preconditions. Please note that although the following 7 added authorization areas must also submit the "All Added Authorization" preconditions, there are no additional program specific preconditions required for these areas: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Deaf-Blind, Orthopedic Impairments, Emotional Disturbance, Other Health Impairments, Resource Specialist and Traumatic Brain Injury.

2. Early Childhood Special Education Added Authorization In addition to preconditions for all added authorization programs, Early Childhood Special Education programs must address these preconditions.

3. Adapted Physical Education Added Authorization Adapted Physical Education programs must address these preconditions.

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    Updated December 18, 2020