Committee on Accreditation Agenda

Commission Meeting Room 
Commission on Teacher Credentialing 
1900 Capitol Avenue 
Sacramento, CA 95811

June 28, 2018

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

TimeItem #

Item Status
Action or Information

Item Topic
9:30a.m.1Call to Order and Roll Call
2ActionApproval of the Agenda
3ActionApproval of the Minutes of the Prior Meeting
4InformationCo-Chair and Member Reports
5InformationStaff Reports

Program Approval Recommendations


Initial Program Approval for New Program Sponsors

8ActionDiscussion of Late Documents
10:00a.m.9ActionReport of the Required Follow Up to Revisit by Tehama County Department of Education
10InformationDetermination of Differentiated Intervals between Site Visits for Institutions Needing Additional Oversight
10:30a.m.11ActionReport of the Accreditation Team to California State University, East Bay
12ActionReport of the Accreditation Team to California State University, Channel Islands
11:30a.m.13ActionDiscussion of the Required Progress Report for the California School for the Deaf
14ActionReport on the Required Follow up from the La Mesa Spring Valley Unified School District Site Visit
15ActionReport on the Required Follow up for Montebello Unified School District
16ActionDiscussion Related to Identifying Exemplary Practices
17InformationDiscussion Regarding the Progress of Establishing Program Reports in the Annual Data System
18InformationDiscussion Regarding a New Accrediting Body for Educator Preparation: The Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation
19ActionDiscussion of the 2019 COA Schedule of Meetings
20InformationPublic Comment
21InformationDebrief Accreditation Decisions


All Times Are Approximate and Are Provided for Convenience Only

The order of business within each day may be changed without notice. All items may be re-ordered to be heard on any day of the noticed meeting.

This agenda and material are available on the CTC Meetings page. For further information on this agenda, please contact Michelle Bernardo at Professional Services Division, 1900 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95811.

Reasonable accommodation: Any person with a disability requiring disability-related modifications or accommodations to participate in the meeting, including auxiliary aids or services, may make a request by contacting Michelle Bernardo at or sending a written request to that person at 1900 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95811. Requests should be made as soon as possible but at least five working days in advance of the meeting.

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