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SRTAC Regional Hub Representative Contact Information:

Map of the S R T A C hubs. Image is linked to a detailed description of each hub.
  • The California state budget signed by the Governor in July 2022 includes a total of $20 million in funding for a competitive grant to create a Statewide Technical Assistance Center. Eligible applicants for this grant program are local education agencies (LEAs) with experience expertly advising and supporting program leaders in a large and widely diverse field of best practices, minimizing costs to program participants, developing sustainability plans, and disseminating information. The framework and technical assistance should leverage and build upon existing technical assistance offerings disseminated by local educational agencies, nonprofit organizations, institutions of higher education, and foundations.
    • Commission Staff Email:
      (for teacher residency program support, please connect with your LEA’s regional hub contact above) 
    • The Commission is pleased to announce its intent to fund Santa Clara County Office of Education for the Statewide Technical Assistance Center Grant Program. This funding will provide a cohesive and effective technical assistance center that promotes high-quality support for California’s teacher and school counselor residency programs.
    • Aligned with the grant requirements, Santa Clara County Office of Education is collaborating with Humboldt, Sacramento, San Diego, and Tulare County Offices of Education to establish regional hubs. Current teacher and school counselor residency program grantees should be prepared to collaborate with representatives from their regional hub for localized support and guidance.

Commission Agenda Items

Commission Agenda Item 4B - February 2023
This agenda item presents an update on the Teacher Residency Grant Program funded by 2018, 2021, and 2022 legislation, and on the Statewide Residency Technical Assistance Center and School Counselor Residency Programs authorized by 2022 legislation. WestEd is conducting an evaluation of the Teacher Residency programs authorized by the 2018 state budget and will provide an overview of their findings to date.


Updated February 08, 2024