In April 2014, the Commission on Teacher Credentialing approved new regulations for programs dedicated to preparing candidates for a Clear Administrator Services Credential (CASC). The Clear credential is the second phase of preparation for education leaders, focusing on professional expertise in a job-embedded experience called induction.

The revised regulations are presented in the Clear Administrator Services Credential Program Standards (June 2016). A diagram showing the entire Learning to Lead System is in Figure 2, page 10.

With the implementation of the 2013-14 Administrative Services Credential Program Standards, the Commission embarks upon a new era in the preparation of California's education leaders. The primary focus of the clear credential program is on job-embedded, real-life experiences of education leaders. The heart of the clear credential program is a coaching-based professional induction process contextualized for whatever job the administrator currently holds while still continuing to develop candidates for future leadership positions. This new structure is designed to provide the best career preparation for effective leadership in California's 21st century schools.


What is the purpose of this website?

The purpose of this site is to provide information and examples about administrator induction programs and practices to credential program leaders and candidates of the new Clear Administrative Services Credentials, induction coaches, employers and others engaged in guiding and supporting beginning administrators.


What is effective induction?

California's Educator Excellence Task Force report, Greatness by Design: Supporting Outstanding Teaching to Sustain a Golden State (2012, p.42), describes high-quality induction:

Effective induction has the following elements:

  • Regular coaching within the educator's context by a carefully selected and trained mentor>
  • Personalized learning that is integrated with school and district goals
  • Competency indicators required for program completion that support a recommendation for the clear credential.

Effective induction requires:

  • A strong, tiered infrastructure with leadership at the local, regional and state levels to ensure that approved programs have the capacity to meet the needs of beginning educators
  • Adequate resources, including dedicated time for participants and [coaches]
  • Seamless integration with pre-service preparation and an ongoing career lattice that provides multiple options for growth and sharing of expertise throughout the career
  • Sufficient time for development prior to the completion of the decision process regarding permanent status
  • Lead agents who are held accountable for full implementation of high-quality programs. 

General Information

Information on this site is organized into ten modules. Nine of the modules parallel the CTC program standards required of induction programs approved for the Clear Administrative Services Credential (CASC). Module 10 centers on the Descriptions of Practice (DoP), a continuum of leader development based on the CPSEL

Each module includes:

  • Information about the topic(s) in a Question and Answer format,
  • Practical Examples that are samples from current programs or interactive scenarios that can be used to guide discussions, train stakeholder groups, and/or develop programs or implementation options, and
  • References that provide sources for deeper dives into key module content.

Each module is independent, yet interrelated in the presentation of content. The modules may be used for individual education about the induction process or for discussion and learning in a cohort peer group, program activity, or coaching situation.

Induction programs for administrators are standards-based. Information on this site frequently references three sets of standards: Administrative Services Credential Program Standards for CASC programs, California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (CPSEL), and Quality Professional Learning Standards (QPLS). These standards are linked on the right side of each website page, providing instant access to each of them.

The ten modules are:


Public Domain Notice

This work is a project of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) with the California Department of Education (CDE) with technical assistance from the California Comprehensive Center at WestEd. Funding for this work was provided through AB 1476 for Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting. All material in this document may be reproduced or copied without permission from the CTC and/or CDE. However, acknowledgement of the source of this work is appreciated.

CTC wishes to thank the Administrator Induction and Coaching Panel, made up of leaders from universities, county offices of education, districts, professional organizations, and other education initiatives, for their work on this project. 

Updated August 09, 2022