The Assignment Monitoring Program within the Commission on Teacher Credentialing ensures that educators hold the appropriate credential authorization(s) for their certificated assignments. Individuals assigned to provide instruction and/or services in certificated educator assignments in California’s public schools are required to hold the appropriate Commission-issued document authorizing the instruction/services, or be otherwise legally authorized through the use of flexibility afforded in Education Code or Title 5 Regulations. Additional information related to Assignment Monitoring can be found within the Commission’s Assignment Resources webpages.

Certificated educator assignments are reviewed by the employing local education agency (LEA) and its monitoring authority within the California Statewide Assignment Accountability System (CalSAAS). The following is educator assignment data resulting from monitoring within the system, pursuant to Education Code §44258.9. Definitions and outcomes may not be directly comparable to other teacher data reports, including the California Department of Education’s Teaching Assignment Monitoring Outcomes (TAMO) report.

2020-21 CalSAAS Statewide Summary Report

This page provides information on educator misassignments and Local Assignment Options resulting from assignment monitoring in CalSAAS for the 2020-21 school year.  Monitoring is based on assignments in place on census date, which is the first Wednesday in October (10/7/2020).  Go to the Glossary for more information about terms used on this page.  Go to the How to Use Dashboards page for tips on how to search and view data on this page.

Click a tab below the dashboard title to view misassignments and Local Assignment Option data by state or school.


Updated December 09, 2022