Category III: Performance Expectations for Leaders
Program Standard 5: California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (CPSEL)

Administrators - at site, district, regional and state levels - are education leaders who are key players in ensuring that all students, including traditionally underserved students, graduate ready for advanced learning and careers. These leaders have the potential to create and support an environment where teachers want to work and where teachers and students learn and thrive.

The California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (CPSEL) describe critical areas of leadership for administrators and offer a foundation for developing and supporting education leaders throughout their careers. The CPSEL help CASC program providers, candidates, coaches, and employers identify key leadership behaviors that are present or need strengthening in the induction candidate. This, in turn, guides the candidate's professional learning (coaching, professional development, assessment, Individual Induction Plans) in the induction program. The specific focus of the CPSEL (standards) and professional learning outcomes is shaped by the candidate's individual context, for example, her or his role as CASC candidate, newly employed administrator, principal-superintendent, high school assistant principal, district director, special education administrator, middle or elementary school principal. While each administrator has common expectations for effective leadership, she or he also has individualized expectations related to the specific role and context of the assignment.

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Updated January 13, 2023