California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. (2014). Administrative Services Credential: Program Standards. Sacramento, CA.

    IIP Resources:

This Handbook from San Diego County Office of Education includes an IIP template and completed example, along with other updated administrator induction resources. San Diego County Office of Education, (2014). Administrative Services Credential Clear Induction Program (Formerly Tier 1) Program Handbook 2014-2015.

The Connecticut Association of Schools CT Principals' Center Division provides research-based programs and resources for school leaders to address the professional development and related needs of practicing principals and to support the professional development of aspiring principals. Hartzer, Linda, & Galvin, Tom. (2003). Administrator Induction Programs: Summary of Research and Promising Practices. The Connecticut Principals' Center, Cheshire, CT.

The Iowa Department of Education provides a template for the Administrator Professional Development Plan, to be developed collaboratively by the administrator and supervisor. Iowa Individual Administrator Professional Development Plan (template).

The Georgia Department of Education has a variety of Teacher and Leader Effectiveness professional learning, induction guidance, and assessment resources, including this Principal Induction Self-Assessment. Georgia Principal Induction Guidance Self-Assessment (template).

Updated March 20, 2017