Category I: Program Design and Coordination
Program Standard 2: Communication, Collaboration, and Coordination

During a Clear Administrative Services Credential (CASC) induction program, Commission-approved providers shape professional learning to focus upon candidates' leadership performance: on-the-job, in real-time, contextualized to the candidate's unique school, district, and community circumstances. The program provider, responsible for the selection and training of induction coaches, works with the candidates' employers in assigning a trained coach to each candidate. The coach then works collaboratively with the candidate, employer, and induction program personnel to develop the candidate's Individual Induction Plan (IIP) that is aligned to the California Professional Standards for Education Leaders (CPSEL)Together, they gather and examine data, set goals for leadership performance, develop candidate competence, engage in formative assessment, and evaluate both attainment of the identified goals and the candidate's demonstration of leadership. The following is an example of a candidate's two-year program and illustrates multiple opportunities for the candidate, induction coach, program and district supervisors to communicate, coordinate, and collaborate. 

Sample 2 year timeline for the Clear Administrative Services Credential induction program

Updated November 28, 2022