Application for Credential Authorizing Public School Service
Instruction and Information Sheet

Completing Your Application

This application form may be used to apply for or renew any credential, certificate, or permit type with the exception of variable term waivers. A separate application form and fee is required for each credential for which you apply. You must use the current version of application Form 41-4, which is available for download from the Commission’s website.

Type or print all information requested on the application form. Applications not completely and accurately filled in and accompanied by all required supporting materials will not be accepted and a letter will be sent requesting additional information. It is best to fill out the application form online and print it rather than fill it out by hand to assure it is fully legible. It is advisable to print an extra copy to keep with your records until your credential is issued.

You must not submit an application to the Commission with handwritten changes to any information required to process your application. Applications with blotted out, crossed out, or whited out changes will not be accepted. A new Form 41-4 must be completed and free from errors will be required.

  1. Personal Information
    You must complete all the required fields (*) in the Personal Information section, including your full legal name and list all former names, including your maiden name, if applicable. Additionally, you are required to provide your full Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) on your application pursuant to 42 USC §666 and California Family Code §17520. If this information is not furnished, the Commission will request a new application with complete information. For more information, see Coded Correspondence 13-14 on the Commission’s website.

    You must provide the Commission with a valid email address on your application form to receive automated notifications regarding your application and credential status.

    Current document holders note: If you have legally changed your name, you must submit by postal mail a completed Form 41-NC to the Commission along with any required documentation as indicated on the form.

    You are required to notify the Commission of any address change pursuant to 5 CCR §80412. A change of mailing or email address may be completed online by using this link for the Educator Login button on the Commission’s website.

  2. Application Type
    Select the one category most appropriate to the purpose of the application. Make only one choice in this section.

  3. Choose Document Type
    Pick the document type you wish to apply for from this section. If the document type you are seeking is not listed here, you can use one of the “Other” boxes in this section to indicate the type of document sought with this application. A separate application form and fee is required if you wish to apply for more than one credential type.

  4. Select Authorization/ Subject Area(s)
    Use the spaces shown, whether an open space or drop down box, to select the subject area or type of authorization to list on the credential or permit sought. If seeking more than one subject area on a Single Subject Credential, you may indicate additional subject areas in the Comments section on page 5 of the application form. The Commission has the authority to determine the term of any credential issued.

  5. Child Development Permit Renewal: Self-Verification
    This section should be completed only by applicants who hold a Child Development Permit (other than the Associate Teacher Permit) and seek to renew the permit. You may either complete the self-verification in Section 5 on Form 41-4 or submit Form CL-826, the Professional Growth Plan and Record along with your application. If you choose to self-verify completion of your professional growth activities, you may be subject to an audit. If the audit determines that you did not complete the professional growth requirements, your credential will not be renewed and you may be subject to adverse action on other credentials you currently hold. You must retain your Professional Growth Plan and Record Form for one year following the submission of your application.

  6. Professional Fitness Questions
    You are required to answer all Professional Fitness Questions. Before granting your application, the Commission will review your criminal history, if any, from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and California Department of Justice, a national database of teacher misconduct, previous reviews by the Commission, complaints from those with first-hand knowledge of misconduct, notifications from school districts, and teacher preparation test score violations.

    You must disclose misconduct, even if:
    1. It happened a long time ago.
    2. It happened in another state, federal court, military or jurisdiction outside the United States.
    3. You did not go to court and your attorney went for you.
    4. You did not go to jail or the sentence was only a fine or probation.
    5. You received a certificate of rehabilitation.
    6. Your conviction was later dismissed (even if under Penal Code section 1203.4), expunged, set aside or the sentence was suspended.

    In accordance with Health & Safety Code sections 11361.5 and 11361.7, you may omit misdemeanor marijuana-related convictions that occurred more than two years prior to this application, except convictions involving concentrated cannabis, which must be disclosed regardless of the date of such a conviction.

    Warning: Failure to disclose any information requested is falsification of your application and the Commission may reject or deny your application or take disciplinary action against your credential. If you answer “yes” to a question, you must complete a Professional Fitness Explanation Form and provide all requested documentation. If any of the records have been purged or are otherwise not available, provide an original statement from the agency on its official letterhead verifying that fact.

  7. Child Abuse and Neglect Mandated Reporting
    Pursuant to Education Code section 44252, you must read this section and mark the box “I agree,” verifying that you understand your duties under the Child Neglect and Abuse Reporting Act (Penal Code §11164). Applications received by the Commission after January 1, 2015 must include the mandatory reporter acknowledgement. Please use the most current version of Form 41-4 available on the website.

  8. Employing Agency Information
    If you are seeking employment based on an emergency or teaching permit (other than a 30-Day or Prospective Substitute Permit), a one-year nonrenewable credential, or intern credential, this section must be completed by the employing school agency and submitted to the Commission by that agency. Individuals applying directly to the Commission for other types of documents should not to complete this section.

  9. Oath and Affidavit
    You must complete all portions of this section and certify (or declare) under penalty of perjury under the laws of California that all the foregoing statements in this application are true and correct by signing the oath.

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Additional Information on Application Submission

  • Supporting Documentation
    You are responsible for providing the appropriate official transcripts, letters verifying experience, exam score reports, and any other information needed to determine your eligibility for the credential sought with each application you submit. Transcripts or other supporting materials sent separately from the submission of an application and payment or from a Commission letter requesting the documentation are destroyed without being reviewed. The Commission cannot match pieces of an application that arrive separately.

    “Official transcripts” refers to the original college issued documents, not photocopies. Internet PDF printouts and student grade reports are not acceptable. Official transcripts submitted with an application need not remain sealed in the original envelope so an educator can verify these for accuracy. Employing agencies and program sponsors submitting paper applications on behalf of applicants may submit verified true copies of official transcripts.

    The Commission will accept electronic versions of official transcripts (e-transcripts) when verification is provided that the transcripts were submitted directly from the college or university to a school district, county office, or credential program sponsor. Such verification is usually provided on the e-transcript coversheet or each page of the transcript. The Commission will not accept e-transcripts that were sent directly to an individual educator.

    All supporting documentation, including transcripts, becomes the property of the Commission when submitted and will not be returned. The Commission does not maintain a file of all supporting materials sent with every application. Educators should retain a copy of each application and the related supporting materials submitted to the Commission for reference.

  • Fees
    Please refer to the Commission’s fee schedule (Credential Leaflet CL-659) to determine the amount due. Application fees may be paid by check or money order, made payable to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing or CTC. Do not send cash. A service charge of $20 will be assessed for a check that does not clear the bank and your credential may be voided until all fees due are paid in full. If you are applying through a county office of education or school district office, you may be asked to make the check payable to that agency so that they can submit a single check to the Commission for all of their applicants. Applications submitted without the appropriate payment will not be processed.

    Your application and fee remain valid for sixty (60) days (Reference: Title 5, California Code of Regulations, section 80487). Application fees are earned upon receipt and are not refundable. If you do not qualify for the credential type originally applied for, the fee cannot be used to apply for another credential type. If requirements for a document are met after the initial submission of an application, a new application and fee will be required.

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  • Fingerprint Information
    If this is your first application for a credential, certificate, or permit, you must provide verification that you have completed fingerprint processing. California residents must complete the electronic Live Scan process and do not have the option of submitting fingerprint cards. Individuals applying for their first credential who reside outside California must submit with their application packet two fingerprint cards (FD-258) and the additional fingerprint processing fees. A copy of the Live Scan form (Form 41-LS) may be downloaded from the Commission’s website. Please see Credential Leaflet (CL-271) for more information on fingerprint processing.

  • Application Processing
    Applications are processed in the date order in which they are received. Commission staff cannot search for pending applications or process applications out of order. You may check your application status online using the Educator Login to find the date it was received by the Commission. Go to the Credentialing Information webpage for the current processing date.

    Current law sets a maximum processing time for the evaluation of applications of 50 business days after the Commission receives a completed application. Applications delayed for completion of a fitness review or fingerprint processing are not subject to the 50-day restriction. Please wait until the maximum processing time has passed before contacting the Commission regarding your application status.

    Following the submission of the application, fee, and supporting materials, the application will be evaluated to verify eligibility for the document requested. If you receive a letter requesting additional information to complete your application (it may or may not be accompanied by your original application), you must attach the requested documentation to the Commission’s letter and resubmit all items by postal mail within 60 days of the date on the Commission’s letter or a new application and fee will be required. If your application was also returned for correction, you must return the original application along with any corrections submitted.

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  • Privacy
    The California Information Practices Act and the Federal Privacy Act provide that agencies requesting information indicate the principal purposes for which that information is used. Your name, former names, SSN, date of birth, address, email address, and telephone numbers are used to provide proper identification of your file and, if necessary, to contact you. Other information is used to determine your eligibility.

    Information displayed online regarding the documents you hold or have held is public information and may be disclosed. In addition, pursuant to Education Code section 44230 the Commission may disclose to the agency that submitted the application all information provided with applications submitted by you through that agency. Information may also be disclosed to other State or Federal agencies as authorized by law. Personal information may be disclosed to the public only with your permission or in accordance with the law. The information is necessary for the Commission to perform its duty under Education Code sections 44200-44439.

    You have a right to review personal information maintained on you by the Commission unless access is exempted by law. The Director of the Certification Division, 1900 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, California 95811-4213, is responsible for the maintenance of this information.

  • Online Credential View and Print Process
    The Commission does not print or mail documents. The official record of credentials, certificates, and permits is available through an online view to colleges, universities, and employers through the Search for an Educator option on the Commission’s Home page (see the drop down under the Employers link). Document holders may access their file using the Educator Login button on the Commission’s Home page. Documents are available for view within 3-5 business days of issuance. For directions on obtaining an unofficial copy of your document, see the instructions under the drop down link Print a Document’s Detail for assistance.

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Before you seal the envelope:

Be sure you have included the items listed below, all professional fitness questions are answered and that the oath and affidavit has been signed and dated. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and a letter will be sent requesting additional information.

Completed application you must use the current version of Form 41-4.
Exam score reports, when applicable.
Official transcripts and other supporting materials, including Professional Fitness Explanation Form, as applicable.
Full payment (see Fee Information leaflet CL-659).

 Live Scan receipt (form 41-LS) or for out-of-state/country residents only, two completed fingerprint cards (FD-258).

Mail the completed application and payment to:
Commission on Teacher Credentialing Certification Division
1900 Capitol Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95811-4213

Form 41-4 Instructions  June, 2019
Updated December 17, 2021