The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing is a fee-supported state agency that collects fees as authorized in California Education Code §44235 and the California Code of Regulations, Title 5, §80487.

Statute and regulations state that fees shall accompany applications for issuance, reissuance or renewal of documents, and that fees are earned upon receipt and shall not be refunded.

CTC Online Applications

The CTC Online process is available for applications that require online submission, both for first-time applicants and renewal or reissuance of the following:

  • Renewal/reissuance of clear credentials and 30-Day Substitute Permits.
  • Educators completing a recommendation for a document from a California Commission-approved program sponsor.

CTC Online is also used for the submission of applications by individual educators seeking to obtain certification in these areas:

  • California residents applying for Certificates of Clearance.
  • Activity Supervisor Clearance Certificates (first-time applicants and renewals).

All online transactions are subject to a $2.65 service fee (effective November 22, 2022) in addition to the application fee. Individuals who must submit fingerprint cards with their application cannot use the CTC Online system and must submit a paper application. Go to the Credentialing Information page for more information on the options available to submit an application online.

Paper Applications-Initial and Renewal/Reissuance

The Form 41-4 paper application may be used to submit application packets to the Commission by:

  • Applicants prepared out-of-state or outside the United States applying for their initial California credential, permit, or, if needed, a Certificate of Clearance (see Credential Leaflet CL-900).
  • Applicants renewing or requesting reissuance of Child Development, Emergency or Limited Assignment permits.
  • Individuals who need to submit fingerprint cards with their application.

Complete a separate application for each document requested. Checks/money orders/cashier’s checks should be made payable to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing or CTC. The Commission does not accept cash as a form of payment. The application packet should include a completed application (Form 41-4), official transcripts, a Live Scan receipt (Form 41-LS) or two fingerprint cards (FD-258) as appropriate, and all applicable fees. While a separate application form and fee is required for each document requested, only one set of fingerprint cards needs to be provided. 

Application Fees:

Refer to the fee schedule below and include the applicable fees for each application packet being submitted to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Application TypeFees

Initial or Renewal/Reissuance (Form 41-4 or Online Application for ASCC):

This is the basic nonrefundable application fee for all types of credentials, certificates, permits, also for adding any type of authorization to a credential, unless a different amount is shown below. Applications for the Activity Supervisor Clearance Certificate (ASCC) must be submitted online.


Certificate of Clearance[1](Form 41-4 or Online Application):

Note [1]: The Certificate of Clearance (COC) is not the same as applying for a clear credential. The COC does not authorize providing any type of instruction or services in schools; its sole purpose is to provide verification the holder has completed a professional fitness review. Credential Leaflet CL-900 identifies who needs a COC. Out-of-state and out-of-country residents must use Form 41-4 to apply for a COC, while California residents must apply for the COC using the Online Application process (for more details, go to Apply for New Document page). 

Certificate of Completion of Staff Development (Form 41-4)$45.00
Upgrade Certificate of Eligibility to Preliminary Credential (Admin or Ed Specialist)$50.00

Upgrade Child Development Permit (see Credential Leaflet CL-797[2]:

Note [2]: The one-half fee for upgrade is only applicable within first 3 years of the initial issuance of a child development permit.

Add/Change Employment Restriction (Form 41-4)$50.00
Name Change Request (complete Form 41-NC)$0.00

Military Fee Waiver:

The application processing fee for an initial California credential, Multiple Subject, Single Subject, Education Specialist Instruction, or Designated Subjects (Career Technical or Adult Education), is waived for out-of-state prepared applicants who relocate to California due to orders received from a branch of the United States Armed Forces that require the applicant’s spouse to relocate to California. This waiver applies only to an educator’s first California credential and is not available for renewals, appeals, or through the online application process. Fingerprint clearance (Live Scan or fingerprint cards and fee) is still required. See Credential Leaflet CL-892 for more information.

Fingerprint Fees:

Fingerprint TypeFees
Applicants Residing in California Live Scan Service (Form 41-LS)Fee Collected by Live Scan Operator

Applicants Residing Outside of California Fingerprint Cards (FD-258):

California residents do not have the option of submitting fingerprint cards. The California Department of Justice will only accept fingerprint cards from the Commission for teachers who reside outside of California.


Two Two fingerprint cards must be submitted with the application packet but only one fingerprint fee is due. If submitting applications for more than one document, only one set of fingerprint cards must be provided. See Credential Leaflet CL-271 Fingerprint Clearance Information for more details.

CL-659 November 22, 2022
Updated August 22, 2023