The best way to have your questions answered by the Certification Unit is through email at  We do our best to respond to emails within two business days of receipt.

Certification Questions

Questions from educators and employing agencies regarding credentialing requirements, policies, and application procedures. The Certification Division is available to assist educators via email or, for those that need immediate assistance, through Live Chat. For more efficient service, please provide your legal first and last name and date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy) when initially contacting the Commission. Please do not provide your Social Security Number via email.

Credential FAQs: General Questions

Live Chat: M-F 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

For questions regarding the Professional Fitness Questions, contact the Division of Professional Practices.

Certificated Assignment Questions

Questions concerning authorization of California credential documents and appropriate assignment of certificated personnel.

Questions from Educators: Educator questions concerning the appropriate certification to be authorized/assigned for a course or position should be directed to their employing school district or charter school.  The employing school/district can assist educators with questions regarding the type of credential or authorization required for employment in a specific position, local employment options, and the legal basis of an employee's assignment.

Questions from Public School Employers: School Site Administrators or school district Credential Analysts/Technicians inquiring about appropriate assignment options must contact the County Office of Education that serves as their monitoring authority.  County Offices of Education employ personnel who annually monitor certificated assignments within the county.  Employers should work closely with their county to ensure appropriate authorization and placement of certificated personnel.

Questions from Charter Schools: Charter School Administrators or Credential Analysts/Technicians inquiring about appropriate assignment options must contact the School District or County Office of Education that serves as their chartering authority.  If a district serving as a chartering authority requires additional assistance with the inquiry or assignment determination, they may contact their County Office of Education for assistance.

Questions from County Offices of Education: Credential Technicians or Analysts from County Offices of Education may contact the Commission's Assignment Unit directly with assignment-related questions regarding certificated staffing through the dedicated COE email address.  County personnel who do not have access to the dedicated email address may request it by sending their full name, position, and county office of employment to



Note that the Commission does not have purview over the following areas and will not respond to questions regarding:

  • Requirements for Education Code local assignment options
  • ESSA qualification/compliance
  • Contracting of special education teachers through outside agencies
  • Substitute teacher duties when substituting
  • Funding (except for assignment monitoring funds)
  • A-G requirements
  • Certification for occupational and physical therapist
  • Who can participate in staff development activities
  • Who may administer and score special education screening
  • Determination of classified staff duties
  • Determination of when to use classified or certificated staff
  • Determining graduation credit

Credential Waiver Questions

Questions from employing agencies only regarding procedures and guidelines for requesting Variable Term Credential Waivers.


Updated August 07, 2023