How to Renew Online

Written Instructions

Written instructions to renew online.


Completing the Professional Fitness Questions (PFQs)

You must answer the Professional Fitness Questions in order to complete your renewal. Information on completing the PFQs can be found in the links below.


Having Trouble with Online Renewal?

Some common troubleshooting tips for completing the online renewal process can be found below. If your questions about online renewal are not answered after reading through these tips then please contact the Commission via email at for assistance. Include as much detail as possible regarding your situation. If possible, include a screenshot of the location in which you are encountering the issue and/or the text of any error messages received (if applicable). 

Issue: The drop-down menu will not allow me to select "Yes."

Solution: You have not selected your document. Locate the small blue arrow to the left of the document you wish to renew and click it. Clicking the arrow will select your document and highlight the row in yellow. Once it's highlighted in yellow you will be able to change the drop down menu to "Yes".

Issue: I am getting an error message.

Solution: If the error message concerns an incorrect social security number, date of birth, or email address:
  • Check that all the information entered is accurate.
  • Check that there is not an extra blank space before or after your entry

If the above does not resolve the issue or if the error message is not about your SSN, date of birth, or email address, please do the following:

  • Copy the exact text of the error or take a screenshot and email it to the Commission at
  • Put in your subject line: "CTC Online Error". A technical expert will typically respond the next business day.

Issue: I cannot enter a base credential in the "Pick Base Credential" field.

Solution: Only a small number of credential types, like Administrative Services Credentials, have to select a Base Credential in order to renew. Please attempt to complete your renewal without entering information in this field. 

If you know your credential type requires a Base Credential to renew then be sure to complete the renewal as described in the Renewing Dependent Credentials section below. If there is no document listed for you to select in the Pick Base Credential field then please email the Commission at for further assistance. 

Issue: My document is not displaying under the renewal section.

Solution: First, ensure that the document you are trying to renew is available for online renewal. Are you:


  • Renewing a Clear/Level II credential, Emergency 30-Day Substitute Permit, or Teacher or higher level Child Development Permit?
  • Renewing a document that is within one year of the expiration date?
  • In the Educator Page section of CTC Online? (You should have logged into you Educator Page using your social security number and date of birth. If you used your name or document number to find your credential record then you are likely on the Public Search Page.)

If you answered yes to all of the above questions and are still unable to renew online because your document does not display in the renewals section then contact the Commission via email at for further assistance. 

Updated April 28, 2017