IMPORTANT:  If you have not logged into the CTC Online system since February 2017, you probably do not have a registered User ID.  If you are unable to login, please visit the Login Help for assistance.

Online Renewals

The Commission's CTC Online system allows educators to renew the following types of documents online:

  • Clear Credentials
  • Level II Credentials
  • Emergency 30-Day Substitute Permits
  • Child Development Permits at the Teacher Level and Above

Preliminary credentials are not renewable.  These documents need to be cleared in order to be reissued.  Information on clearing your preliminary document can be found on the Clear your Credential page.

The Certificate of Clearance (COC) and Activity Supervisor Clearance Certificate (ASCC) are also not renewable. If your COC or ASCC has expired and your employer or program sponsor requires you to hold a valid COC or ASCC you may re-apply for a new one online

Renewal Responsibilities

The credential holder is solely responsible for renewing on time and for completing requirements for renewal. As a courtesy, the Commission will send an email reminder 90 days prior to the expiration of a document that is renewable online. Educators who do not have a current email address on file or whose renewal must be submitted by mail will not receive this reminder. Individuals who do not receive this reminder email are not exempt from the personal responsibility of renewing their document on time.

When Should I Renew my Document?

A document may be renewed up to one year in advance of its expiration date if all renewal requirements have been met. A credential does not need to be renewed if the credential holder does not need the credential for employment purposes. There is no penalty for letting a credential lapse as long as it is not required for an assignment. Lapsed documents may be renewed at any time, as long as the renewal requirements listed on the document have been met.

Renewing Dependent Credentials

A Dependent credential is a credential which may only be issued to individuals who hold another type of credential, often referred to as a prerequisite credential or basic teaching credential (e.g., Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, Single Subject Teaching Credential, and Education Specialist Instruction Credentials). Examples of dependent credentials include Administrative Services Credentials and the Reading Specialist Credential. Dependent credentials cannot be valid past the expiration date of the basic teaching credential. This means that they will often be issued with the same expiration date as the basic credential and may not be issued for a full five years upon their first issuance. 

When renewing a dependent credential on the Commission's website, you should select both your basic teaching credential and your dependent credential for renewal in the same transaction. You will also need to select a credential in the "Pick Base Credential" field for your dependent credential only. If the pick applet to select a Base Credential does not display, please review the information under Renew Your Document on the CTC Online - Written Instructions for Application and Payment page and/or view the step-by-step video How to Renew Online.

Pick Base Credential - CTC Online

If you do not renew both documents in tandem, the system may not allow you to renew the dependent credential until the basic credential renewal has been processed and granted. Likewise, if you renew the dependent credential without renewing your basic teaching credential, the dependent credential may not be issued for a full five years. 

Applying for the Remainder of the Time on Dependent Credentials

If your preliminary dependent credential was not originally issued for a full five years then you can apply for the remainder of the time by submitting a paper application to the Commission. Select the appropriate credential type in Section 3 of the application Form 41-4 and write "Remainder of Time" in the Comments box on page 5.


Credential Terms and Renewability

Preliminary or Level I Credentials

A Preliminary or Level I Credential is a teaching or service credential that is valid for up to five years. The preliminary/level I credential cannot be renewed. Preliminary/level I credentials require the holder to complete additional specific requirements based on the preparation pathway and documentation submitted with the initial application for certification. Additional academic requirements must be completed to qualify for and upgrade to the Clear or Level II credential. More information on upgrading and renewal requirements can be found on the Clear Your Credential Section of the Commission's website. 

Clear or Level II Credentials

The term "clear" or "level II" credential signifies that all education and program requirements for the credential have been met. Clear or Level II credentials are not held for professional growth requirements. Effective January 1, 2007, all clear and level II credentials must be renewed online. 

Life Credentials

Life credentials were issued until September 1, 1985. Holders of Clear General, Standard and Ryan credentials were eligible for life documents until that date. Life documents are no longer initially issued, but previously issued life documents continue to be valid. These are valid for the lifetime of the holder, unless the document is revoked for cause. Life credentials do not need to be renewed.

Renewal Information for Child Development Permits

The Assistant and Associate Teacher Permits must be renewed via paper application. Only the Teacher Permit and above are available for online renewal. 

All levels of Child Development Permits with the exception of the Associate Teacher Permit require 105 clock-hours of professional growth be completed during each five year renewal cycle. See the Professional Growth Manual for Child Development for details. 

Renewal Information for Limited Teaching or Services Permits

Limited teaching or services permits are only issued at the request of an employer and have specific renewal requirements that must be completed in order to renew. Contact your employer for assistance with such permit renewals. 

Log into the CTC Online System

Log in with Your User ID and Password

If you have not logged into the CTC Online system since February 2017, you probably do not have a registered User ID.  Please see the information under Register using the Create Educator Account link, even if you were issued a document/credential or submitted an application prior to February 2017.

Registered users (new and existing educators) must now login with their User ID and Password.  

To login if you have a registered User ID:

  1. Click the Educator Login button on the Commission's Home page.
  2. Type your registered User ID and Password on the CTC Online Login page
  3. Then click Login.

    CTC Online Login page.

Typing Passwords

  • Type the password in the Password field.  Do not copy and paste the password, it will not work.
  • Make sure the CAPS lock is off.

Troubleshooting - Log In

The following message may appear:

"Invalid username/password specified."
This message will display when the User ID and Password are entered incorrectly or the account is locked.   

  • Review the information under the "Invalid username/password specified" item on the Login Help page for further assistance.

Completing the Professional Fitness Questions (PFQs)

You must answer the Professional Fitness Questions in order to complete your online application. Information on completing the PFQs can be found in the links below.

Video - Renew Your Document Online

This step-by-step video tutorial will guide users through the process of renewing an eligible document using the CTC Online system.

Updated February 09, 2024