Laws and Rules Manual

The Laws and Rules Manual Pertaining to the Discipline of Professional Certificated Personnel is a collection of statutes, regulations and leading case citations governing the issuance, denial, revocation, suspension, and other invalidation of credentials for reasons related to identification, moral character, and inappropriate conduct for credential applicants and holders. This publication does not deal with other aspects of education, professional preparation, or licensing of educators. Those matters are governed by other statutes and regulations and should be researched separately.

(Revised 2019)

California's Educator Discipline Process

A webinar, entitled California's Educator Discipline Process, provides a comprehensive overview of the laws and procedures applicable to the Commission and the Committee of Credentials when evaluating the professional fitness of educators in California.

Educator Discipline Workflow Graphic

Educator Discipline Workflow Graphic [PDF]
This graphic provides an overview of the discretionary discipline process including the work of the Committee of Credentials. This presentation (14 minutes) provides an oral description of the workflow graphic.


One year from the effective date the Commission has revoked an educator's credential, the educator may petition the Commission for reinstatement of the credential.

Petition for Reinstatement Instructions [PDF]

State Audit - Reports

Audit Reports

Bureau of State Audits - Reports

April 7, 2011 -- Bureau of State Audits Report [PDF]

Commission Reports to the Bureau of State Audits

60 Day Report [PDF]

6 Month Report [PDF]

12 Month [PDF]

Comments from Elaine M. Howle, State Auditor at the CTC Commission Meeting, September 27, 2012: Report [PDF]

Updated February 01, 2019