General Qualifications and Professional Status

The governing board of any school district, subject to the rules and regulations prescribed by the State Board of Education, may enter into an agreement with the proper authorities of any foreign country, or of any state, territory, or possession of the United States, or other district within the state, for the exchange and employment of regularly credentialed or certificated employees. No exchange shall be made without the consent of the employee.

Consideration will be given to the general qualifications and professional status of the exchange employee as compared to the general qualifications and professional status of the employee exchanged. However, it is not a requirement that an exchange-certificated employee be a teacher of the same subject or grade as the employee exchanged. If the service authorized is other than teaching, it is not a requirement that the service be at the same grade level or that the service be exactly the same as the employee exchanged.

Exchange employees cannot be employed by a school district in the state unless they hold the necessary valid credential or credentials issued by the Commission authorizing them to serve in a position requiring certification qualifications in the school district proposing to employ them. The Commission may establish minimum standards for the credentials of exchange certificated employees, provided that no exchange certificated employee is required to pay any fee or other charge for valid credentials required for the position.


A school district governing board that proposes to employ an exchange certificated employee must comply with the provisions outlined above and submit all of the following to the Commission office:

  1. A completed application (form 41-4), and, if not previously submitted, a completed Live Scan receipt (form 41-LS). Out-of-state residents must submit two fingerprint cards (FP-258) in lieu of a Live Scan receipt. If submitting fingerprint cards, current fingerprint processing fees must accompany the application packet.

  2. Satisfy the basic skills requirement. See Commission leaflet CL-667, entitled Basic Skills Requirement for additional information.

  3. A completed copy of the Exchange Certificated Employee Verification of Information (form CL-502) on which the superintendent verifies all of the following requirements:
    1. The position in which the governing board proposes to employ the applicant.
    2. The dates of proposed employment.
    3. The facts showing that the applicant is an employee of a public school as required above.
    4. The district has given due consideration to the general qualifications and professional status of the proposed exchange employee as compared to the general qualifications and professional status of the employee to be exchanged.
    5. The district has official verification from the proper authorities mentioned above that the applicant is fit to perform the services required in the position.

Authorization for Service

This credential authorizes the holder to serve in a position requiring certification qualifications as specified on the credential by the employing school district.


An exchange agreement may be made for up to three years. At the end of the assignment period, the exchange, with the consent of all parties, may be made complete and permanent, provided the governing board submits to the Commission facts showing that the holder meets all California minimum standards that would be required of an applicant for a credential authorizing that class or service. To obtain information about available foreign teacher exchanges, please contact:

Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program
600 Maryland Avenue SW, Suite 3230
Washington, D.C. 20024
Or visit their website at Fulbright Teacher Exchange

Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Section 80055.1

CL-501  December, 2016
Updated August 18, 2023