Emergency Designated Subjects Career Technical Education
30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit

The Emergency Designated Subjects Career Technical Education Permit for 30-Day Substitute Teaching Service authorizes the holder to serve as a substitute in any classroom in any county in which the permit is registered provided the employing agency has a completed Statement of Need. Such substitute teaching shall be part of a program of technical, trade, or vocational education. However, the holder shall not serve as a substitute for more than 30 days for any one teacher during the school year.

Requirements for Initial Issuance

Applicants must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  1. One of the following requirements must be satisfied:
    1. Possess a high school diploma.
    2. Possess a diploma based on passage of the GED Test.
    3. Possess the foreign equivalent of a high school diploma.

  2. Verification by employer(s) of three years of work experience directly related to an industry sector. One year equals a minimum of 1000 clock hours and the experience may be full-time or part-time, paid or unpaid. See Terms and Definitions for additional information regarding the experience requirement.

  3. Completed application (form 41-4), and, if not previously submitted to the Commission, a completed Live Scan receipt (form 41-LS).

  4. Application processing fee.

Requirements for Reissuance

  1. Submit a completed application (form 41-4) and the appropriate fee directly to the Commission or your employer for each reissuance (each reissuance is valid for one year).

Note: Effective January 1, 2007, holders of the Emergency Designated Subjects Career Technical Education 30-Day Substitute Permit are no longer required to complete professional growth activities, regardless of the issuance date of your credential or the renewal requirements listed on your document.

Terms and Definitions

Work Experience
Verification of work experience means written confirmation of the applicant’s qualifying experience, signed by the applicant’s past or present employer(s) on company letterhead that attests to and/or includes all of the following:

  1. Employer’s name, address, and telephone number.
  2. The working relationship of the person signing the verification to the applicant.
  3. Beginning and ending dates of employment.
  4. Complete description of duties.
  5. A statement as to whether or not the employment was full-time (If employment was less than full-time, an accounting of the number of hours the applicant was employed is required.)

If the applicant was self-employed or if the applicant’s experience was avocational, verification shall include a statement, signed by the applicant under penalty of perjury, detailing the information described in 1–5 above, and must be further substantiated, in writing, by other person(s) having first-hand knowledge of the applicant’s self-employment or avocation, such as the applicant’s accountant, major supplier of goods, or major user of goods or services.

At least one year of the required work experience must be within the last five years, or two years within the last ten years, immediately preceding the issuance of the permit. For the purpose of meeting the recency requirement, any of the following, or a combination of the following, may be cumulated to total 1000 clock hours:

  • Work experience
  • College-level related course work
  • Non-college related course work
  • Occupational internship
  • Vocational teaching experience

Completion of forty-eight (48) semester units of postsecondary vocational training related to an industry sector may be substituted for a maximum of two of the three years of required work experience. The course work must be verified by official transcript and may be made on a pro rata basis up to the two-year maximum.

Additionally, one or more of the following may be used for up to a maximum of two of the three years of required work experience:

  • Possession of an advanced industry certificate related to an industry sector as determined by the Commission.
  • One year of full-time general education teaching experience providing instructional services in preschool or grades K-12 earned in a public or private school of equivalent status.

An individual must have at least one year of actual work experience to qualify for the permit.

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Industry Sectors

This chart is intended to be a guide. Some of the occupations, such as “drafting,” can be applied to more than one Industry Sector. Program sponsors are encouraged to examine the work experience of the individual applying for a credential and determine which Industry Sector best applies. Assignments should be considered in the same way. The most important consideration is the background and the expertise of the individual. Effective September 1, 2014, some Industry Sectors have new titles, while some specific occupations moved into different Industry Sectors. See Coded Correspondence 14-08 for more information.

Click the table header to sort by that column. Type the Industry Sectors name, Pathways or Occupations to filter that column.

Industry SectorsPathwaysSpecific Occupations
Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Agricultural Business
  • Agricultural Mechanics
  • Agriscience
  • Animal Science
  • Forestry and Natural Resources
  • Ornamental Horticulture
  • Plant and Soil Science
  • Agriculture business management and
  • Agriculture mechanics
  • Animal care
  • Animal control
  • Animal production
  • Crop production
  • Floriculture and floristry
  • Forestry, natural resources and rural
  • Landscaping
  • Ornamental nursery operation
Arts, Media, and Entertainment 
  • Design, Visual, and Media Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Production and Managerial Arts
  • Game Design and Integration
  • Commercial art
  • Commercial photography
  • Game Design Occupations
  • Multimedia production
  • Performing arts occupations
  • Stage technology
  • Theatrical occupations
Building and Construction Trades
  • Cabinetry, Millwork, and Woodworking 
  • Engineering and Heavy Construction
  • Mechanical Systems Installation and Repair
  • Residential and Commercial Construction
  • Boat building
  • Carpentry
  • Civil Engineer
  • Concrete placing and finishing
  • Construction equipment operation
  • Construction inspection
  • Drafting occupations
  • Drywall installation
  • Electrician
  • Fire sprinkler installation
  • Floor covering installation
  • Foundry work
  • Furniture making, finishing and refinishing
  • General contracting
  • Glazing
  • Hazardous materials occupations
  • Heating, air conditioning, and ventilation installation and service
  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Interior maintenance (residential and commercial)
  • Lathing
  • Masonry
  • Mechanical Engineer/Technician
  • Millwork and cabinet making
  • Motor sweeper operator
  • Painting-construction
  • Pipefitting and steam fitting
  • Plastering
  • Plumbing
  • Pool and spa service
  • Refrigeration installation and maintenance
  • Residential and commercial repair and remodeling
  • Roofing
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Structural and reinforcement ironwork
  • Structural pest control
  • Tile setting
  • Upholstering
  • Welding
  • Woodworking
Business and Finance
  • Business Management
  • Financial Services
  • International Business
  • Accounting occupations
  • Auditor
  • Banking
  • Business Computing Specialist
  • Business management
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Customs Inspector/Broker
  • Export Sales
  • Financial management and services
  • Human Resources Specialist
  • Income tax preparation
  • Insurance occupations
  • International Business
  • Investment Consultant
  • Legal office occupations
  • Office occupations
  • Personnel administration occupations
  • Purchasing Agent
  • Secretarial/stenography occupations
  • Tax preparation specialist
  • Small business ownership and/or management
Education, Child Development, and Family Services
  • Child Development
  • Consumer Services
  • Education
  • Family and Human Services 
  • Child care
  • Child Care Psychologist
  • Consumer Services
  • Counselors
  • Education Administrators
  • Elderly care services (non-medical)
  • Family and human service occupations
  • Librarian
  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Preschool Teacher
  • Social Outreach Director
  • Teacher
  • Teacher aide
Energy, Environment, and Utilities
  • Energy and Power Technology
  • Environmental Resources
  • Telecommunications
  • Air Quality Technician
  • Climatologist
  • Control system maintenance and repair
  • Electrical power distribution
  • Electrician
  • Electronic consumer products service
  • Electronics assembly
  • Energy Auditor
  • Energy Engineer
  • Energy, environment and resource manager/technician
  • Environmental Biologist/Scientist
  • Hybrid microelectronics
  • Hydroelectric plant operations
  • Industrial electronics
  • Marine power plant maintenance and repair
  • Solar Occupations
  • Telecommunications Technicians
  • Water treatment
Engineering and Architecture
  • Architectural Design
  • Engineering Technology
  • Engineering Design
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Air Pollution Control Engineer
  • Architect
  • City Planner
  • Drafting occupations
  • Engineering occupations
  • Environmental Specialist
  • Field Engineer
  • Manufacturing Design Engineer
  • Mechanical/Electrical Drafting
  • Robotics
  • Structural Designer
  • Surveying
Fashion and Interior Design
  • Fashion Design, and Merchandising
  • Interior Design, Furnishings, and Maintenance
  • Personal Services 
  • Barber[1]
  • Clothing, alteration and repair
  • Cosmetologist[1]
  • Esthetician[1]
  • Fabric maintenance services
  • Fashion Buyer
  • Fashion design
  • Fashion manufacturing (factory and
  • Fashion merchandising
  • Interior Buyer
  • Interior design
  • Kitchen and Bath Specialist
  • Makeup Artist
  • Jewelry design, fabrication, and repair
  • Manicurist[1]
  • Merchandising Manager
  • Pattern Maker
  • Set Decorator
  • Textile design
  • Textile production and fabrication
  • Upholstering
Health Science and Medical Technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Patient Care
  • Healthcare Administrative Services
  • Healthcare Operational Support Services
  • Public and Community Health
  • Mental and Behavioral Health
  • Athletic trainer
  • Biomedical equipment technician
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Biomedical Research and Development
  • Central Service Technician
  • Clinical Data Specialist
  • Clinical Lab Technologist/scientist
  • Clinical Simulator Technician
  • Forensic Pathologist
  • Community Health Professional
  • Geneticist
  • Diagnostic Technician
  • Dental Assistant
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Dental Lab Technician
  • Geriatric Technician
  • Health Care Administrator
  • Health Education Specialist
  • Health Information Management
  • Technician/Technologist
  • Massage Therapist
  • Materials Manager
  • Medical/Clinical Assistant
  • Mental health professional
  • Medical Sonographer
  • Nutritionist/Dietician
  • Outreach Coordinator
  • Phlebotomist
  • Physician’s Assistant
  • Physical Therapy Technician/Technologist
  • Prosthetic Technician/Technologist
  • Psychiatric Technician/Psychologist
  • Public health professional
  • Nurse (RN/LVN/NP)
  • Radiological Technician
  • Rehabilitation Technologist/Therapist
  • Respiratory Technologist/Therapist
  • Sports Medicine Specialist
  • Ultrasound Technician
Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
  • Food Science, Dietetics, and Nutrition
  • Food Service and Hospitality
  • Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
  • Amusement and theme park occupations
  • Customer service representative related to amusement, theme parks, hotel and
    lodging, and restaurant and food service
  • Dietetics and nutrition service
  • Event and conference planning
  • Executive Chef
  • Food and beverage production and
  • Food and beverage services
  • Food scientist
  • Hotel and lodging occupations
  • Recreation and sports entertainment
  • Registered Dietitian
  • Restaurant Management
Information and Communication Technology
  • Information Support and Services Networking
  • Software and Systems Development
  • Games and Simulation 
  • Big Data Administration
  • Computer and Information Systems
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Sciences
  • Computer User Support
  • E-Business/E-Commerce
  • Game Production
  • Information Management
  • Information Security
  • Information Systems and Operations
  • Multimedia Production
  • Networking Engineer
  • Network Installation and Operation
  • Network Support and Maintenance
  • Robotics
  • Social and New Media Production and Management
  • Software and Applications Developer
  • Web and Mobile Application Production
Manufacturing and Product Development
  • Graphic Production Technologies
  • Machining and Forming Technologies
  • Welding and Materials Joining
  • Product Innovation and Design
  • Animator
  • CAD/CAM Specialist/Designer
  • Commercial Photographer
  • Commercial/Industrial Designer
  • Computer-assisted manufacturing
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operations
  • Cutter
  • Digital/Graphic Artist
  • Drafting occupations
  • Electronics assembly
  • Electronic publishing
  • Fitter
  • Industrial ceramics manufacturing
  • Machine tool operation and machine shop
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Metal fabrication
  • Material/Supply Management
  • Model Maker
  • Plastics and composites manufacturing
  • Printing and graphics occupations
  • Product development, testing and
  • Production process/management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Robotics
  • Technical illustration
  • Tool and die making
  • Waterfront manufacturing
  • Welder
  • Welding Inspection
  • Welding Engineer
Marketing, Sales, and Services
  • Marketing
  • Professional Sales
  • Entrepreneurship/Self-Employment
  • Advertising Representative/Manager
  • Business Computer Specialist
  • Business Owner
  • Fashion Buyer
  • Floristry
  • Insurance Agent/Broker
  • International trade
  • Marketing
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Office Occupations
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Real estate
  • Retail occupations
  • Small business ownership and/or management
  • Small Business Repair and Maintenance
  • Travel Agent
  • Various Professional Sales Occupations
Public Services
  • Public Safety
  • Emergency Response
  • Legal Practices
  • Court reporting
  • Cyber Security
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Emergency Response Dispatcher
  • Fire control and safety
  • Fire fighting
  • Forester
  • Investigator/Law Librarian
  • Law enforcement occupations
  • Legal occupations (deletion of word to
    expand options)
  • Loss Prevention Specialist
  • Paralegal
  • Protective and security services
  • Wildland fire services
  • Operations
  • Structural Repair and Refinishing
  • Systems Diagnostics and Service
  • Airframe and power plant mechanics
  • Automobile detailing
  • Automotive body repair and refinishing
  • Automotive brake installation and repair
  • Automotive electrical systems service and repair
  • Automotive heating and air-conditioning service
  • Automotive mechanics/technician
  • Automotive parts counterperson
  • Automotive suspension and steering repair
  • Automotive transmission and transaxle service and repair
  • Avionics
  • Bicycle repair
  • Claims Adjuster
  • Container Crane Operator
  • Diesel equipment mechanics
  • Dispatcher
  • Distribution Manager
  • Electric motor repair
  • Engine performance technician
  • Heavy equipment maintenance and repair
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Inspectors and Planners
  • Investigator/Inspector
  • Marine power plant maintenance and repair
  • Motorcycle service and repair Production, Planning, and Expediting Specialist
  • Railroad operations
  • Small engine service and repair
  • Transportation occupations, travel services
  • Truck and bus driving
  • Warehousing

Note [1]: Specific subjects marked with [1] require a state license outside the purview of the commission.

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Title 5, California Code of Regulations, Section 80025.5.

CL-786  September, 2014
Updated August 30, 2021