CalSAAS User Role FAQs

I am an employee of a charter school responsible for the assignment monitoring duties, how can I gain access to CalSAAS?

CalSAAS user roles are created and managed by the monitoring authority of the school. For charter schools authorized by the district, contact the school district that serves as the monitoring authority. For charter schools authorized by the county, contact the County Office of Education that serves as the monitoring authority. For charter schools authorized by the State Board of Education, contact the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, Assignment Unit at

A new school opened in my county/district prior to census date, but I do not see exceptions associated with the school listed in the editable screens of CalSAAS. How do I access these exceptions?

New schools or merged schools are not automatically added to a user’s workload assignments when a new monitoring cycle begins in CalSAAS. The monitoring authority (MA) is responsible to ensure that all schools within a user’s workload are appropriately assigned. This can be done by the MA user navigating to the Admin screen and selecting “Work Assignments”. The MA can add and remove schools from a user’s workload by clicking on the checkmark associated to the school’s name. Note, if the new school is in the user's scope but not assigned to the user’s workload, the exceptions associated to this school will viewable only in the “All” exception screen.

I am a COE Admin CalSAAS user, how do I access the exceptions for a district-authorized charter school in CalSAAS?

The charter school’s monitoring authority is ultimately responsible for making determinations for the charter school exceptions. The law does allow district monitoring authorities to seek guidance from their County Office of Education regarding their charter school exceptions. However, COEs are not responsible for anything further. 

Note, if the district and county have an agreement that the County Office of Education may assist in the assignment monitoring process, then the CalSAAS user at the county should have a CalSAAS District User role with the district-authorized charter school(s) assigned in their workload. The district-authorized charter school(s) should NOT be added to a COE User or COE Admin role in CalSAAS. Adding the charter school to the COE user work assignments inhibits final submission to CTC, as this is not how the system was designed to function. District monitoring authority users remain responsible for submitting final determinations to CTC.

Updated December 08, 2021