Extraordinary Activity Fees for Biennial Reports submitted after the Due Date

On October 23, 2013, the Office of Administrative Law approved emergency regulations implementing the Commission's cost recovery system for some accreditation activities, effective October 30, 2013. This plan includes a $500 fee for biennial reports submitted after the due date. In order to avoid this fee, please ensure that your institution submits its biennial report on or before the established due date for your report and that the report includes data for all Commission approved programs offered by your institution.

The Commission on Teacher Credentials collects data and information from all institutions and approved programs on a biennial basis. This page provides information to assist in the development of the biennial reports.


Please use the BiennialReports@ctc.ca.gov email account when you are submitting documents or questions related to Biennial Reports.

Program Assessment documents and questions should be submitted to ProgramAssessment@ctc.ca.gov.

Documents for your upcoming site visit should be submitted to Accreditation@ctc.ca.gov.

What's New

2015 Biennial Report Template
The Biennial Report 2015 Template very clearly outlines the data reporting requirement and provides 'Biennial Report Template Instructions' for each cell of the template. Institutions in the Orange and Blue accreditation cohorts should use this template for reports due in Fall 2015. Upcoming technical assistance opportunities will be posted.

2015 Section B Template
The one-page Biennial Report Section B Template is intended for use by the Unit Lead to be completed in conjunction with the 2015 Biennial Report Template. Technical assistance is also available as needed from cohort consultants.

2015 Biennial Report Instructions
Directions are provided for each cell of the 2015 Biennial Report Template and 2015 Section B.

Biennial Report Guidance Rubric
A rubric has been developed to assist you in writing a well-prepared and complete report. Although there will not be a "score", staff will refer to the rubric when reviewing your Biennial Report.

How to submit a Biennial Report [PDF]

Optional BTSA-Specific Biennial Report Templates
In addition to the general Biennial Report template, the BTSA Cluster Regional Directors have developed two BTSA-specific Biennial Report templates for use by interested BTSA Induction programs. These templates include the information required by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing in a Biennial Report and provides space for approved BTSA Induction programs to collect and record additional data. The additional data includes information that all BTSA Induction programs should maintain.

BTSA BR for General Education Programs Template [MS Word]

BTSA BR for Education Specialist Programs [MS Word]

Sample Section B [PDF]

General Information

Biennial Reports Informational Powerpoint (presented at the 2011 CCAC Conference) [MS PowerPoint]

Frequently Asked Questions [PDF] This document provides guidance for those who are preparing biennial reports and contains the answers to some commonly asked questions.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact staff at BiennialReports@ctc.ca.gov. Someone will respond to your email within 3 working days. 

Updated December 17, 2017