Follow the directions below to update your personal information. Changes to a name, SSN, or date of birth cannot be completed online. Use Form 41-NC to make any of these changes.
  1. Click the Educator Loginbutton.
  2. Enter your Social Security Number and Date of Birth in the format shown. Click OK.
    CTC Online empty login formRight arrow iconCTC Online filled in login form
  3. Click the Edit button.
    CTC Online Edit button
  4. Update your personal information, as appropriate.
    Filled-in personal information form
  5. To add a California county of employment, click the small box with a check mark in it. A new window will open.
    County employement field with checkbox

    Select the appropriate county from the list.  Counties appear in alphabetical order. To advance the list, click the Blue arrow iconarrow. Once the correct county is selected in yellow, click OK at the bottom of the window.

    County selection list
  6. Verify your personal information is correct and click Save.
    CTC Online personal information form with save button
  7. To update your mailing address, click New.  Failure to maintain a correct mailing address can result in significant delays in credential processing.
    CTC Online personal information form - new button
  8. Enter your mailing address information and click Save.
    CTC Online mailing address entry form with save button

Your profile information should now be complete. Click Next to proceed.
Completed personal information form with Save button

Updated August 16, 2017