Can the Commission take disciplinary action against a credential holder who does not fulfill his or her contract?

Yes, the Commission can take an adverse action against a credential holder who refuses, without good cause, to fulfill a valid contract of employment with the school district or leaves the service of the district without the permission of the superintendent of the school district or the governing board of the school district, except in the manner provided by law.

What kind of action will the Commission take against a credential holder who abandons their contract?

The law specifies that the Commission may not suspend the credential for more than one year or revoke the credential. The Commission can issue a private admonition, a public reproval or suspend the credential for less than one year.

How do I request that my credential or authorization be reinstated after voluntary revocation?

After voluntary revocation of a credential or a subject from a credential, an individual must wait one year from the effective date of the credential to request a reinstatement. An application, current fee, and a letter requesting the reinstatement must be submitted to the Commission for each document to be reinstated. If the individual had all of his or her credentials revoked, a Livescan receipt, must accompany the application. These requests for reinstatement are reviewed by the Commission and a determination is made regarding reinstatement. After Commission action, the applicant is notified of the decision. The reinstated document is issued effective 30 days after the date of the Commission action. The Commission may reinstate a subject or authorized field to a life credential, but cannot reinstate a life credential if the entire credential was revoked. Such a credential will be reissued as a clear document. The Commission cannot include grades 13 and 14 on a reinstated credential because the Commission no longer has the authority to issue credentials with these grades (except on renewals).

Reinstatement Petition Packet [PDF]


Updated May 10, 2017