On July 9, 2021, the Governor signed AB 130 (Chap. 44, Stats. 2021) which established new options for demonstrating the Basic Skills Requirement (BSR). The options allow the Commission and Commission-approved preparation programs to verify that a candidate or applicant has demonstrated basic skills proficiency by verifying qualifying college-level coursework. Commission-approved preparation programs may also use a combination of coursework and other previously available options to meet the BSR.

Options available prior to AB 130:

  • Pass the CBEST
  • Pass the CSET: Multiple Subjects Plus Writing Skills Examination
  • Pass the CSU Early Assessment Program or the CSU Placement Examinations
  • Achieve Qualifying Score on the SAT or ACT
  • College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations
  • Pass a Basic Skills Examination from Another State

Additional options resulting from AB 130:

  • Meet the Basic Skills Requirement by Coursework
  • Meet the Basic Skills Requirement by Coursework and Exam

This resource focuses on the new options resulting from AB 130. For information on all, including established, options for satisfying the Basic Skills Requirement, refer to Credential Leaflet CL-667.

Meet the Basic Skills Requirement by Coursework

Qualifying college-level coursework may be used to satisfy the Basic Skills Requirement if verified by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing or a Commission-approved preparation programs. The information below outlines the coursework requirements.

What Coursework is Acceptable?

Acceptable Coursework:

  • Must have earned a grade of "B-" or better, Pass/Credit acceptable if institution does not issue letter grades
  • Must be completed at a Regionally Accredited institution, including community colleges
  • Must have earned 3 semester units or 4 quarter units
  • Must have been taken for academic credit
  • Must be degree applicable (not remedial)
  • For Reading: must be in the subject of critical thinking, literature, philosophy, reading, rhetoric, or textual analysis
  • For Writing: must be in the subject of composition, English, rhetoric, written communications, or writing
  • For Mathematics: must be in the subject of algebra, geometry, mathematics, quantitative reasoning, or statistics

NOT Acceptable Coursework:

  • Professional development or continuing education units
  • Inservice training or workshops
  • Non-credit bearing courses
  • Courses where credits do not apply toward the requirements for an Associate degree, Baccalaureate degree, or higher degree

    Who can verify my BSR coursework?

    • A Commission-Approved Program
    • The Commission on Teacher Credentialing (if applying directly)

    Meet the Basic Skills Requirement by Combining Options

    Qualifying college-level coursework and qualifying basic skills exams may be combined to satisfy the Basic Skills Requirement. The information below outlines the requirements of this mix-and-match option.

    Combining Coursework and Exams to Satisfy BSR

    • Must be approved by a Commission-approved program sponsor or the Commission
    • 41-BSR form encouraged for submission, but not required
    • Out-of-state basic skills examination subtests cannot be used as a mix-and-match option

    The chart linked below provides minimum scores needed for each option when mixing two or more pathways.

    Webinar: New Options for Candidates to Meet the Basic Skills Requirement

    The webinar linked below provides guidance related to the additional avenues by which a candidate may satisfy the Basic Skills Requirement, as established by AB 130.

    Updated October 27, 2022