When is a Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) credential required for a position?

Pursuant to Education Code §44001, if certification qualifications are established for a position, then a credentialed individual is required to be assigned to the position. If the duties of the position substantially align with the duties authorized by a PPS credential, then the appropriate PPS credential authorization is required.

Nothing precludes school districts from utilizing community-based service providers, including volunteers, individuals completing counseling-related internship programs, and state licensed individuals and agencies to assist in providing pupil personnel services, provided that such individuals and agencies are supervised in their school-based activities by an individual holding the appropriate pupil personnel services authorization. Non-credentialed community-based services providers cannot assist in providing PPS or related services without the supervision of an appropriately authorized PPS credential holder. Refer to the Contracting Mental Health Services webpage for more information.

How do I determine which PPS credential authorization is required for a position?

The titles related to Pupil Personnel Services positions may vary across Local Educational Agencies (LEAs). Therefore, the PPS credential authorization required for a position is based on the duties required of the position, rather than the position title. Review the duty statement of the position, and compare the duties of the position with the duties authorized by the four credential authorizations provided in the Services Authorized by PPS Credentials web resource. 

The following chart shows the general emphasis of each of the currently-issued PPS credentials, and is intended to support credential analysts in determining the appropriate credential authorization. However, LEAs and their monitoring authorities are responsible for reviewing certificated assignments and determining the appropriate credential at the local level based on the duties of the position.

PPS Credential AuthorizationGeneral Emphasis of Services Authorized
School PsychologyPsychological, Social, and Behavioral
School CounselingAcademic, Career, and Personal
School Social WorkInterventions and Outreach
School Child Welfare and AttendanceAttendance and Enforcement

How do I determine which CALPADS code to report for a PPS position?

Position titles may vary from school to school, therefore it is important to report the actual assignment based on the duties of the position. Inquiries related to appropriate CALPADS reporting of an assignment must be directed to the CALPADS Operations Office within the California Department of Education, at CALPADS@cde.ca.gov.
Updated August 22, 2022