Administration and SupervisionEd Code/Reg
County SuperintendentEducation Code 1206
City/District SuperintendentEducation Code 35028
Deputy, associate, or assistant superintendentEducation Code 35028
County Coordinators of support services (PPS, SPED)Education Code 1703
Education Code 1704
County Coordinators of instructional servicesEducation Code 1720, 1721, 1722, 1723
Certificated staff providing student disciplineEducation Code 44800
Ryan Administration Authorization (Job Duties)Title 5 80054.5
Local Assignment Options (Administration and Supervision)Ed Code/Reg
Governing board may waive credential requirement for chief administratorEducation Code 35029
Selecting teachers/principals without holding a teaching/services credentialEducation Code 44065(d)
Governing board may appoint business manager in district with less than 3000 units in daily attendanceEducation Code 44069
PPS credential holder may supervise PPS programEducation Code 44270.2
Principal of high school may act as principal of elementary school within the high school districtEducation Code 44822
Principal of high school may act as supervising principal of two or more elementary schools within the high school districtEducation Code 44823
Governing board may hire a teacher as an administratorEducation Code 44834
If a school has less than 5 teachers, no admin credential is neededEducation Code 44860
Expands Service for pre-Ryan administrative and supervision credentialsTitle 5 80020.3
Credentialed teacher may substitute as a principal (any level) for up to 5 monthsEducation Code 44861
Updated June 15, 2023