Administrative Services Credentials allows the holder to:

  1. Develop, coordinate, and assess instructional programs;
  2. Evaluate and supervise certificated and classified personnel;
  3. Discipline students and certificated and classified employees;
  4. Manage school site, district or county level fiscal services;
  5. Recruit, employ, and assign certificated and classified personnel; and
  6. Develop, coordinate, and supervise student support services, including but not limited to extracurricular activities, pupil personnel services, health services, library services, and technology support services.

Such services may be evident in a number of positions, including:

  • Superintendent
  • Associate Superintendent
  • Deputy Superintendent
  • Principal
  • Assistant Principal
  • Dean
  • Supervisor
  • Consultant
  • Coordinator
  • Other equivalent/intermediate level administrative positions

The above positions are examples of common job titles that may require an Administrative Services Credential- there are some administrative or supervisory assignments which may not require the credential.  When determining if an assignment requires an individual to hold an Administrative Services Credential, the duties the individual will be performing is the determining factor.  Employing agencies should review a position's duty statement in comparison to Education Codes and Regulations which require an Administrative Services Credential to determine if the credential is needed. Pursuant to Title 5 §80054.5 an educator must hold an Administrative Services Credential if the duties of the position include:

  • evaluation of instructional services at the school site level;
  • evaluation of certificated personnel; and
  • discipline of students and certificated personnel. 

Documents that Authorize Administrative Services

Note that only the Ryan Credentials are currently issued.

Credential TypeDocument TitleCodeGrade Levels Authorized
RyanAdministrative Services CredentialSC1A, SC1BPreschool, K-12 and Adults

The documents listed below are no longer initially issued, but still remain acceptable for administrative assignments.

Credential TypeDocument TitleCodeGrade Levels Authorized
StandardSupervision CredentialSSCCGrades Vary
StandardAdministration CredentialSSCDK-12
GeneralElementary Administration CredentialGS5K-8
GeneralElementary Supervision CredentialGS6K-8
GeneralSecondary Administration CredentialGS77-12
GeneralSecondary Supervision CredentialGS87-12
GeneralSpecial Subject Supervision CredentialGS9K-12
GeneralGeneral Administration CredentialGS10K-12
GeneralSecondary School Administration in Trade and Industrial Education CredentialGS137-12
GeneralGeneral Supervision CredentialGS15K-12
GeneralThe Supervision CredentialGS18Grades Vary
Updated October 06, 2023