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  • December 2013 Statistic Program Completers by Academic Major and Preparation Route, 2011-2012
    In 2011-2012, about 12,000 program completers finished all their teacher preparation program requirements. Reporting on program completers' undergraduate academic major was a new requirement under the 2008 reauthorization of Higher Education Opportunity Act. The undergraduate academic major distribution of program completers differed slightly by routes. 
    December 1, 2013
  • November 2013 Statistic Program Completers by Subject Matter Areas, 2011-12
    In academic year 2011-12, about 12,000 program completers completed the requirements for obtaining initial teaching credentials. An analysis of the program completers by their subject matter area indicated that more than two-fifths (41.2%) were pursuing multiple subject credentials; another two-fifths (42.1%) were pursuing single subjects credentials; and remaining one-fifth (16.7%) was pursuing credentials in special education. 
    November 1, 2013
  • October 2013 Statistic Program Completers by Program Type: AY 2007-08 to 2011-12
    In academic year 2011-12, a total of 11,890 teacher candidates (program completers) completed the requirements for obtaining initial teaching credentials (multiple subjects, single subject, and education specialist) from commission-approved teacher preparation programs. 
    October 1, 2013
  • September 2013 Statistic Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirement for Admission and Completion of Teacher Preparation Programs
    In 2008, the HEA was reauthorized and substantial changes were made to the Title II reporting requirements. One of the most recently added requirements for teacher preparation programs is to report on Grade Point Average (GPA) as part of their admission requirements. 
    August 30, 2013
  • August 2013 Statistic New Credentials Issued in Science Content Areas: 2011-2012
    At the state level, more than 8,500 new Single Subject Teaching Credentials were issued in various content areas in 2011-12 with more than 1,500 of those credentials issued in different science content areas. The Single Subject Teaching Credentials issued in various science content areas accounted for nearly one-fifth (18%) of the total Single Subject Teaching Credential content areas issued in 2011-12. 
    July 30, 2013
  • July 2013 Statistic California teacher candidates are more diverse than the current teaching workforce
    The racial and ethnic distribution of California teachers differs significantly from the teacher candidates who were enrolled in the preparation programs in the academic year 2011-12. 
    June 27, 2013
  • June 2013 Statistic : California: One of Top Five Teacher-Producing States in the Nation
    According to the secretary's ninth annual report on teacher quality, a total of 728,310 students were enrolled in teacher preparation programs and the programs prepared a total of 241,401 program completers nationwide in academic year (AY) 2009-10. California ranked fifth in the number of individuals enrolled in the teacher preparation programs and fourth among the five states that reported the greatest number of teacher preparation program completers in AY 2009-10. 
    June 3, 2013
  • May 2013 Statistic School Nurse Services Credentials Issued: 2007-08 to 2011-12
    Every year, about 200 new credentials are issued for School Nurses. Another 600-700 credentials were renewed each year in the past five years. 
    April 29, 2013
  • April 2013 Statistic Teacher Librarian Services Credentials Issued: 2007-08 to 2011-12
    Every year, about 100 new credentials are issued for the Teacher Librarian Services credentials. Another 250-300 credentials were renewed each year in the past five years. 
    April 3, 2013
  • March 2013 Statistic Designated Subjects CTE Teaching Credentials Issued: 2011-2012
    CTE Teaching Credential authorizes the holder to teach within the industry sectors named on the credential in grades twelve and below and in classes organized primarily for adults, in career technical, trade or vocational courses. CTE Teaching Credentials are available in the following 15 industry sectors: Agriculture and Natural Resources; Arts, Media, and Entertainment; Building Trades and Construction; Education, Child Development, and Family Services; Energy and Utilities; Engineering and Design; Fashion and Interior Design; Finance and Business; Health Science and Medical; Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation; Information Technology; Manufacturing and Product; Marketing, Sales, and Service; Public Service; and Transportation. 
    February 27, 2013
  • February 2013 Statistic Adult Education Credentials Issued: 2007-08 to 2011-12
    In 2011-12, more than 300 new credentials were issued for adult education. In addition, another 1,400 adult education teaching credentials were renewed. 
    February 6, 2013
  • January 2013 Statistic California Teachers: Prepared in States Other than California  [PDF]
    In 2010-2011 about 2,500 California teaching credentials were issued to teachers prepared in states other than California. 
    December 26, 2012



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