Presented on March 13, 2009 at the Commission

Note on handouts: During the audio the handouts may be referred to by the color of paper they were printed on during the meeting. The color has been identified in parentheses for each handout below for ease in locating them on this webpage. Additionally, handouts may be referred to in multiple audio clips. However they are listed under the initial section of audio where they are first mentioned or discussed. 

Welcome from Dr. Larry Birch, Director, Professional Services Division - (5 minutes) Audio Archive

Important Terminology - (2 minutes) Audio Archive

Goal of the Special Education Credentialing Reform - (5 minutes) Audio Archive

Regulatory Process: Title 5 Regulations & the Education Code - (4 minutes) Audio Archive

Review of Credential Reforms - (30 minutes) Audio Archive

Handouts: Specialty Specific Program Standards (Pink) - At the meeting these individual handouts came in 1 packet in the following order:

Clear Credential Authorizations - (15 minutes) Audio Archive

Added Authorizations for Existing and New Education Specialist Credentials - (20 minutes) Audio Archive

Program Approval, Transitioning Your Program, and the Accreditation Process - (60 minutes) Audio Archive

Handouts: At the meeting these individual handouts came in 1 packet (bright pink) in the following order:

Information for Employers - (15 minutes) Audio Archive

Advice to Special Ed Candidates - (35 minutes) Audio Archive

Questions and Answers - (1 hour 45 minutes) Audio Archive

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