The Paraprofessional Teacher Training Program (PTTP) is a state-funded paraeducator (instructional assistant/aide) career ladder program leading to a teacher preparation program and ultimately, to a teaching credential. Paraprofessional participants may be undergraduates, or they may already have a Bachelor's Degree but have not done any teacher preparation coursework. Program participants receive assistance with college/university tuition, fees, and books, as well as other support services to increase success in the program, in accordance with each local program design. Participants who are undergraduates and who earn a Bachelor's Degree may remain in the PTTP and enroll in a teacher preparation program, or they may enroll in a Pre-intern or Intern Program, as applicable to their individual circumstances.

Please note that the above contact provides information about the paraprofessional program only. No paraprofessional employment and no credential advice and assistance are provided by the contact. Please send questions about credential requirements to You may contact your local California County Office of Education to request information about possible employment opportunities within their county.

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Updated June 13, 2017