Confirmed BIR Trainees

Thank you for your commitment to educator preparation in California. Because this 2 day on-site training has been reduced from a 4 day on-site training, the Commission has created several on-line training modules that must be completed prior to arriving at the on-site training.

Several reference materials accompany the on-line presentation and the presentation will prompt you as to when you will need to refer to those documents. The estimated time to complete the presentation portion of the video, not including time needed to review handouts or to complete a task, is provided below in order to ensure you plan your time accordingly.

If you have any questions about this training, please contact Gay Roby at or Katie Croy at

#Description and Duration [ hours:minutes ] *Reference Materials

Introduction to BIR Training [Video - 0:17]

Self-Assessment [PDF]

Part 1 - California Education Landscape [Video - 0:10]

Part 2 - Commission's Accreditation System [Video - 0:30]


Biennial Reports and Program ssessment [Video - 1:09]


Site Visits [Video - 1:17]


Part 1 - Concluding the Site Visit [Video - 0:21] 

Part 2 - Concluding the Site Visit [Video  -  0:17]




Updated March 03, 2020