The Commission’s Educator Login found at the Credentialing Information website is used to maintain and update personal profile information when there is a change in mailing address, email address, or telephone number. It is the educator’s responsibility to ensure that contact information provided to the Commission is current.

Information about the Commission’s online system is available in the Frequently Asked Questions. Additional step by step instructions on how to renew a credential or complete a recommendation is available on the Commission’s website.

Updating Profile Information

  1. From the Commission's webpage, click on the Educator Login button.

  2. Enter User ID and Password (you will have to create these first if not already completed).

  3. Click "Add or Change" buttons to update personal or address information.
    Note: Changes to a Name, Social Security Number (SSN), Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) or Date of Birth (DOB) cannot be completed online; see below for further directions.

  4. Always click the "Save" button or Ctrl+S before moving to the next screen.

Profile Changes That Cannot Be Completed Online

Changes to a name, SSN, ITIN or DOB cannot be completed online. Use Form 41-NC Request to Change Name or Personal Profile on the Commission’s website when there is a need to submit a name change (including when names are misspelled or reversed) or to change an SSN, ITIN or DOB. Form 41-NC must be accompanied by the appropriate verification of identity as indicated on the form and mailed to the Commission. 

Notification of Changes to Profile

Educators may receive an email notification regarding any profile change made and are advised that the Commission should be contacted if the educator or program sponsor did not request the change. Questions may be sent by email to

CL-901  June, 2017
Updated September 09, 2021