The Certificate of Completion of Staff Development (CCSD) authorizes the holder to teach Specially Designed Academic Instruction Delivered in English (SDAIE) to English learners (EL) within the subject matter content and grade level of the holder’s prerequisite credential.


Individuals must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  1. Hold a valid prerequisite teaching credential (preliminary, clear, or life California Designated Subjects Teaching Credential, including Full-time or Part-time, or Services Credential with a Special Class Authorization).
  2. Complete one of the following:

    1. 45 clock hours in a Commission-approved staff development program, verified by the program sponsor on form 41-CCSD, entitled Recommendation for a Certificate of Completion of Staff Development, or

    2. Submit official transcripts verifying completion of approved course work in methods of providing SDAIE from an institution with a Commission-approved CTEL program. Applicants must obtain an original letter from the authorized person in the credentials office of an approved California Teachers of English Learners (CTEL) program verifying course work taken meets that program’s SDAIE requirement. Each approved CTEL program must determine if it will offer this option and notify the Commission of their intent. Regardless of when the course was taken, Form 41-CCSD does not need to be submitted with the application packet.

  3. Submit a completed application (form 41-4) and processing fee.

Period of Validity

The Certificate will remain valid for as long as the prerequisite teaching credential is valid. The Certificate does not need to be renewed.

Commission-Approved Staff Development AgenciesContact Person
University of California-Riverside, Extension (online program)Abril Chavando
(951) 827-1654
Brenda Montiel
(951) 827-1661
San Joaquin County Office of EducationKarin Linn-Nieves
(209) 468-4865
Ventura County Office of EducationDiana Westbrook
(805) 437-1320

California Education Code 44253.11

CL-824  October, 2019
Updated December 07, 2021