Holders of Professional Clear Child Development Permits are required to obtain a professional growth advisor and complete 105 clock hours of professional growth activities, every five-year renewal cycle, that contribute to his or her growth as an early childhood educator. Also see the Professional Growth Manual For Child Development Permits [PDF].

When do I start my renewal requirements?
The renewal requirements of professional growth activities start with the issuance date of your five-year Child Development Permit. After you have completed your renewal requirements, you can apply for your professional clear renewal on-line through the Commission's web site.

What happens if I allow my permit to lapse?
Some child development permit holders find it necessary to leave the education profession to raise a family or pursue another career. There is no penalty for allowing a permit to expire as long as you are not currently employed in a position that requires it. When you decide to return to the teaching profession, you may submit an Application For Credential Authorizing Public School Service (form 41-4) and processing fee with a written request a one-time, two-year reinstatement of the Child Development Permit. During this two-year period, you must finish all professional growth requirements. Activities completed while the original permit is valid, during the time the permit is lapsed, and during the two-year extension period may be counted toward the 105 clock-hours of professional growth needed for the full five-year renewal. Once you have completed your renewal requirements, you must submit an application (form 41-4) and processing fee to the Commission office for the renewal of your permit.

Who is responsible for getting the permit renewal documents signed and sent to the Commission?
You are responsible for completing all forms, keeping records of all activities, requesting all signatures, and mailing all required items to the Commission before the permit expires.

How do I select a professional growth advisor for renewal of more than one permit/credential?
If you are renewing more than one permit/credential, you will complete only one plan for your professional development. You will select a professional growth advisor who you feel can best guide the development of your plan. That person should hold a permit or credential in at least one of your permit/credential areas. It would be most appropriate to select someone who works in an area closely related to your own area of assignment. You may want to select more than one advisor to help you define professional development goals for multiple permit/credential areas.

How do I renew my Child Development Permit if I reside in another state or country?
If you decide to keep your California permits current while residing in other states or countries, you may do so by completing professional growth activities in your place of residence. If no qualified and suitable advisor is available, the Commission will serve as your advisor if a written request is made. Please see the Professional Growth Manual for Child Development Permits [PDF] for more information.

What can I do if my advisor won't approve my Professional Growth Plan?
If the advisor has a good reason for not signing the plan, or for not initialing a particular addition to it, the Commission recommends that you heed your advisor's suggestions. If you believe that the advisor is not justified in his or her refusal, there are several options you may take. See the Professional Growth Manual for Child Development Permits [PDF] for details. If a local Professional Growth Panel has been established, discuss the disputed issue(s) with the panel. Seek the advice of another advisor designated by your employing agency. You can also appeal your advisor's decision by writing to the Executive Director of the Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

What should I do if my advisor tries to charge me a fee or requires that I provide some service in exchange for signing my plan?
Tell your advisor that payment or service in exchange for approval is prohibited by state regulations. If the advisor persists, inform the chief administrative officer of the employing agency and, where available, the Professional Growth Panel. You may want to seek a new advisor. If these measures do not bring relief, contact the Commission.
Updated August 29, 2023